Rugged Rebels – Dedicated to the rugged man’s way of life

What is a beard? How do you grow one? How can I find a killer style? What do I do about this beard problem I have?

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?  Or maybe you just want to read about some seriously badass beards that have graced this planet.  Maybe, just maybe, you are a beard loving woman who wants to know more about the awesomeness of beards even though you can’t grow one (at least you shouldn’t grow one).  Either way, this is the spot for you.  Rugged Rebels was designed to be a source of information for all things about such rugged men who dare to wear a beard.

Rugged Rebels

We have dedicated ourselves to the fine art of growing and showcasing the male bearded style.  We do not want to degrade those without them, but rather highlight the awesomeness that a beard can bring to your face.

Be the rebel in your world and buck the silly trend of feminizing men. We want our women to be women, not our men.  We should be manly, masculine and a little rough around the edges.  We should be like Gods and Sages of old.  The ones that were respected because they had beards. The warriors who were feared because they didn’t have the faces of boys.

Our extraordinary team of writers and researchers are dedicated to providing the best content designed to help you be the manly badass man you (or your significant other) were always meant to be.  Together let’s throw gas on this rebellion and bring the bald faced world to it’s knees.  It’s time to bring back the rugged man and bring back the way men should be.

We invite you to enjoy RuggedRebels.com, your resource for all things beard!