10 Day Beard Growth – What Should I Expect?


Thinking of sporting some stubble beard growth? Here’s what you need to know.

10 day beard growth

If you’re thinking about rocking a bit of stubble beard growth, you’ve come to the right place. I made the decision a few months back to go from baby-faced to manly stubble, and I’m very glad I did. But first I did some groundwork.

I did a lot of research on the stubble issue. I learned that there is stubble and then there is stubble. What I mean is, you need to know how much stubble is enough. You definitely do not want too much or too little. It took me quite a while to gather all the stubble-relevant information, which I’m happy to share with you here. We stubble guys have to stick together, right? Read on to see what I discovered.

Why is 10-days of beard growth exactly the right amount?

If you want to be viewed as attractive (and who doesn’t?), that’s a very important question.

A recent Australian study determined that women found men with a 10-day stubble more attractive than the same men clean-shaven. They also found them more attractive than the same men with full beards, or with only a 5-day stubble. In fact, they found the 10 day beard growth guys more attractive than with any other amount of facial hair, or with no facial hair. Si, it’s true, mi amigo barbudo.

To get the most well-rounded results, the researchers showed 351 straight women and 171 straight men photos of 10 men in different phases of beard growth. The first pic was of the men clean shaven, then with a 5-day stubble, then a 10-day stubble, and a final pic of them with full beards.

The rating criteria were pretty interesting. The participants were asked to rate the men on four categories: attractiveness, masculinity, health, and parenting potential.

So what’s the bottom line for beard growth?

That all sounds good but what’s the bottom line, you ask impatiently? Well, in addition to the attractiveness findings noted above, the majority of women found the full-bearded guys seemed to have the most potential for being better fathers and better able to protect and raise children than their less hairy brothers.

Interestingly, men and women had different rankings for the clean-shaven guys. Women rated them the lowest of the four groups, while men rated them higher than the guys with 5-day stubble. Women ranked the men with 5-day stubble as next to the least attractive.

Behold the power of facial hair.

The results of the study couldn’t be clearer. The intermediate level of beard – aka the 10-day beard – was judged the most attractive by both men and women.

Another interesting finding is that the more facial hair the man had, the more macho he was perceived by women. This was even more pronounced if the woman was in the fertile stage of her menstrual cycle.

Here’s a clear and concise YouTube video of the results of the research project from the guys at iamalpham.com. Take a few minutes to listen to a man explain the program so you get a better idea of how important it is to have the 10-day stubble.

Evolution of the beard at work

Scientists argue that beards have always been a strong signal of masculinity, according to science writer Rik Myslewski. Men with beards are signaling to women that they are past puberty, they’re strong, and they’re able to father children.

In fact, the bigger and thicker the beard, the stronger the signal to potential mates that the man is sexually mature, masculine and potent. Meaning a beard is an understated but alluring sexual signal to women . Gotta love those beards.

How to grow and groom your 10-day bad boy

Let it grow.

You might be surprised to learn that all people’s hair grows at the same rate, which is ½ inch per month. It’s true. Guys with thicker beards just have more hair follicles. So, this ½ inch per month growth means that 10 days growth is roughly between one-eighth and one-quarter inch. With that in mind, all you need to do for the first stage is just let it grow for at least 20 to 30 days in order to get a solid amount of stubble to work with before you start trimming.

Get a decent beard trimmer.

One of the best ways to trim up a 10-day stubble beard is with a beard trimmer like this one. It has a handy vacuum feature to prevent the trimmings from getting all over your bathroom sink and floor. A trimmer like this will allow you to quickly keep your beard at the 10-day level.

Start with a long setting on your trimmer.

Start with a trimmer setting that will leave a slightly longer stubble than the 10-day look you want. This will trim all the hair down to one uniform length.

Shorten your beard incrementally.

After you have your beard all one length, gradually trim down in small increments to between one-quarter inch and one-eighth inch. This will give you the perfect 10-day growth that women find so appealing.

Shave stray areas with a razor.

Now that you’ve got the stubble length exactly where you want it, you can clean up any stray areas. The lower neck is a good place to start. Trim to suit your own tastes. If you want, you can trim your neck all the way up to your lower jaw line. Or you can go with a more natural look and skip this step.

And there you have it. How to grow and groom the perfect 10-day stubble.

As you can see, you’ve selected the most desirable beard growth length according to the latest research. Give it a try and see if you’re not suddenly much more popular with the ladies, your boss, your wife, or with whomever you’d like to be popular. And remember, a good trimmer will make it much easier to get the look you want.

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