10 Sexiest Beards in the Music Industry


Who rocks the sexiest beards in the music industry? Check out our picks for the top 10.

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: parsamohebi.com

No point adding she totally digs musicians with beards. Recently, she asked a couple of us bearded dudes if we agreed with her picks of the sexiest beards in the music scene. Here are some of the guys she came up with, and we completely agree with her choices. All these fellas can rock a beard while looking sexy in the process.

These men have different beard styles, from Blake Shelton’s manly Stubble to Johny Chow’s giant Majestic. But their beards all have one thing in common: they’re sexy as hell. Here’s our list, in no particular order.

10. Justin Timberlake

Sexiest Beards | Photo courtesy of GQ.com

Earlier this year, JT emerged at the Oscars with his wife, Jessica Biel, sporting a sexy-ass faceful of scruff. Later in the year, he trimmed it down to the fine fade and tight jawline pictured to the right.

Justin, as we all know, came to earth as a baby-faced N’Syncer back in the 90s and has spent much of his adult time in the spotlight alternating between clean-shaven and a little stubbly. This is his first foray into a full-bodied, jaw-sculpting facial situation. Like Kanye, there’s no love lost from us on the clean-shaven ‘Suit & Tie’ era Timberlake. 


9. Eddie Vedder – Pearl Jam

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: pinterest.com

Next up, we have rocker Eddie Vedder who was born in the mid-60’s and grew up in San Diego on 70’s and 80’s rock and heavy metal. His influences include groups like The Who, Sex Pistols, The Ramones and Black Flag – heavy taste. 

In 1990, after bouncing around Southern California club venues for a few years, he joined the group that would become Pearl Jam. This talented band blazed the trail for grunge music in the 90’s. Talent manager Steve Hunter says Eddie’s powerful voice has been a significant factor in Pearl Jam’s popularity and regularly blows away music critics.

Like a couple of other musicians mentioned here, Vedder sports the classic rock ‘n roll beard and long, flowing hair. It’s easy to see why he, and we, go for the look. 

8. Simon Neil – Biffy Clyro

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: pinterest.com

Sometimes Simon Neil looks like he and his beard want to kick the crap out of a rowdy fan. And at other times he seems like a sweet, humble, nicest-guy-in-the-world musician. Just a regular Joe with a sexy beard who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

It turns out our Mr. Neil is, in real life, almost always a mellow dude. He’s very self-effacing, especially when it comes to the music he writes. In fact, he claims he writes two B-side songs for every A-side keeper. Listening to his music, I find that extremely hard to believe.

Besides his beard, Simon has an eclectic assortment of torso tattoos, including lyrics to a Beach Boys song. He seems like a perfectly normal, well-rounded musician to me.

7. Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: redbulletin.com

Dave Grohl sports a near-perfect rock and roll beard. Like his hair, it’s tousled and ungroomed, but not wildly over the top. He’s too busy playing great music to give a damn about how his beard looks. How can I tell? His beard itself projects a strong I-don’t-give-a-steaming-pile-of-crap-about-my-looks attitude.  

If it weren’t for that attitude his beard would be almost, but not quite, too perfect. Whenever I see pictures of him, his beard seems photoshopped onto his face. It’s that together.

As the frontman of the Foo Fighters, it makes sense that he wears the musician’s iconic long hair and sexy beard. Well done, Dave. Long may you groove.  

6. George Michael

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: musicroom.it

If anybody knows how to rock the stubble look, it’s the cool-as-ice Michael. He’s looking good with his shades, leather jacket, and attitude. Some say his beard takes manscaping too far, but what do they know. The consensus here is that his stubble looks sexy.

Let’s face it; the guy has the perfect amount of hair follicles to sport a stubble beard. In fact, he has so much facial hair he could probably rock any beard he’d like. But I can’t picture him sporting a Majestic, can you?

Although he was clean-shaven in his early Wham! days, George has been into the stubble look for at least twenty-five years or so. More recently, he wears shorter stubble in a goatee shape. Regardless of the style, he still looks cool.

Like a lot of musicians, he’s had his troubles. In recent years he claims to be surprised he’s survived his own dysfunction. And he’s done it all while sporting that sexy stubble.

5. Zayn Malik – One Direction (formerly)

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: radio.com

Former One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik has a seriously sexy look, thanks in large part to his great beard. Once again, a tip of the hat to that silent savior of singers: good genes. His hair follicles are dense enough to provide him with solid stubble, although he may not want to go for a heavier beard.

Malik began his career with a stint on the British reality television show The X Factor where he teamed up with several other solo male singers. The result was the boy band One Direction, which quickly became an international sensation.

Last year he quit One Direction, broke off an engagement, and set out to prove he can make it on his own. Seems like he’s doing just that with the recent release of his Mind of Mine album to positive reviews. With his voice and looks he’s headed for more than just lots of Pillowtalk.  

4. Adam Levine – Maroon 5

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: pinterest.com

Adam Levine adds another dimension to our list of sexy bearded musicians. It turns out he’s into lots of other things besides performing music, although that’s still his primary focus. Like what, you ask? Well, he’s a long-time judge on The Voice, one of TV’s hottest talent shows, has acted in television and movies, and even has his own fashion line.

To say his music is popular is a gross understatement. In fact, more people have downloaded the music of Maroon 5 than the songs of Justin Timberlake or Jay-Z. He has also had lots of successful collaborations with other musical artists, including fellow The Voice judge Alicia Keys.

As for his beard, what can I say? It’s sexy. But then again, Adam is a good looking dude who has an abundant crop of facial hair follicles and would look great in any beard. His trademark stubble hasn’t hurt him any with the ladies. In fact, he’s currently married to a top Victoria’s Secret model. Congrats, Adam, for living that Sunday morning dream.

3. Jim Morrison – The Doors

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: jimmorrisononline.com

Most people remember Jim Morrison as a handsome, clean-shaven youthful rocker. But we prefer the more bohemian, hairy look he adopted later in his career. With his thick wavy hair and lush, rugged beard, he looks like a classic Greek god.

Morrison’s premature death in Paris at 27 is still the subject of speculation. But one thing we know for sure; the guy was an incredible singer, songwriter, and poet. He served as the frontman for The Doors, the iconic LA rock band that got its name from Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception.

Jim’s bearded good looks belied his worsening alcoholism and drug use. These conspired with bouts of depression to undermine his musical efforts and finally led to his death. It was the classic Greek tragedy ending for a talented and appealing Greek god.

2. Blake Shelton

sexiest beards in the music industry
Sexiest beards | Photo Courtesy of: upi.com

Blake sports the classic stubble look, with a lighter hair shade than is usually seen with this style beard. There are several shades of brown and gray sprouting up in this good ole boy’s stubble. But he didn’t always have the stubble beard. He started his career as a clean-shaven, cowboy-hat-wearing, mullet-sporting hick from Oklahoma. But look at him now: a stubble-sporting musician, slick TV personality.

Blake and beard honoree Adam Levine seem to have a love-hate relationship on The Voice. Their sometimes snarling tiffs are all part of the fun of watching these two bearded dudes one-upping each other.

The Voice has been good to Shelton, serving as the platform for meeting former judge and current girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. It has also helped spur his popularity. He’s moved up from the least known judge to best known during the show.

1. Drake

Sexiest Beards | photo courtesy of fashioningfeathers.com
Sexiest Beards | photo courtesy of fashioningfeathers.com

Our number one spot goes to the most important beard in recent popular culture: Drake’s. His is the bead that launched 1,000 memes. When he shaved it for SNL in 2016, the internet revolted. Conspiracy theories surfaced. Thirsts were… quenched, but not satisified.

This is a beard that could throw one of the the most accomplished tennis players on earth off by being present in the audience. This, my children, is a beard.

This, my children, is a beard for the ages.

Closing the Curtain on Music Industry Beards

Sadly, we have come to the end of our tour of the sexiest beards in the music industry. I hope you’ve enjoyed our stroll down music lane, and maybe, just maybe, you learned a thing or two. Your mother would be so proud of you.

Let me know what you think of this post in the comments section. If you enjoyed it and felt it was interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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