27 Undershave Designs that Drive Men Wild


If you’re wondering whether or not to jump on the bandwagon, some creative undershave designs will help you make your hair plan.

This trending style is redefining sexy in the Hollywood Hills and in high school hallways, and both girls and women are starting to find the sleek, patterned under-do irresistible. Not to mention the guys that get to enjoy the results. If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting an undershave design yourself, here are 27 of our favorites to help you choose the right one for you.

  1. Brickwork
undershave designs that drive men wild
Photo Credit: Hair Republic

Simple alternating lines create a fun triangle effect in this undershave style. It reminds us a little of the stones from The Fifth Element, if you can remember that far back. Oh, B-Willy, the hair inspiration your movies have given ladies everywhere. For an extra flirty effect, add some lavender hair dye into the mix.

  1. Prism
Photo Credit: In Color

Radiating outward lines remind us of a gorgeous glass prism, which flashes all the colors of the rainbow when hung in a sunny window. The additional triangles down below create an effect of sunbeams scattering across a floor.

  1. Lightning Heart
Photo Credit: Kirston Kent

There’s really nothing more romantic than hearts, so if you want to send guys the right message, a couple of these age-old shapes paired with lightning bolts is totally the way to go. We love how one heart is composed of baby-fine hairs, while the other is bare skin. Rawr.

  1. Curly Waves
Photo Credit: Mario Nev Jr

These stylized waves recall a medieval Japanese painting or tapestry and are the perfect accompaniment to thick, black hair. It’s perfect at the beach or lake house, where you’ll be spending lots of time by water. You can also use this design to highlight tanned skin and summery outfits.

  1. Heartbeat
Photo Credit: glittahforlyfe

The classic beep, beep, beep of the life support machine plays a major role in romantic tropes across the world. Send a guy the right message by putting that jagged line right across the back of your neck.

  1. Lotus
Photo Credit: Britt Groen

The lotus blossom is a beloved symbol of purity in ancient Buddhist culture and is still adored today, both for its beautiful stylized appearance and the serenity we associate with its presence. Get a little om into your hairdo by shaving in the charming petals of this flower.

  1. Crop Circles
Photo Credit: Eyypril

Alien conspiracist? Believe the pyramids of Egypt can’t be explained by mortal men? Curious about the appearance of unearthly beings in ancient texts and scriptures? Then you’re bound to love a good crop circle, so this pattern might be just the one for you.

  1. Sanskrit
Photo Credit: Martika Whit

Okay, so this isn’t really Sanskrit, but the design is somewhat reminiscent of this lovely dead language, with its curving lines and fading jagged ends. It looks especially beautiful with a simple bun.

  1. Nude
Photo Credit: The Republique

Although it’s difficult to remember in this day and age of crazy undershave designs, there was a time when simply, you know, shaving the hair under the rest of your hair was totally a thing. This style is far more intriguing, though, if you’re the type to do lots of fancy things with your tresses, à la this complicated crowned braid.

  1. Dye Job
Photo Credit: @covertune

Sometimes the best way to make something fun and flirty is just to turn it bright freaking blue, amiright? This undershave style relies less on detailed line work and more on the contrasting colors. Even more fun: leave your hair down and let the undershave hue peek from beneath.

  1. Triangles
Photo Credit: Jabreece Christian

Simple triangles are a lovely way to highlight a long neckline and call attention to dainty ears. If you go for bold, classic styles, you totally can’t go wrong with this three-triangle (would that be tri-triangle?) configuration. The extra lines around the main triangular shapes add depth and interest.

  1. Girly Curves
Photo Credit: Glitters and Mayhem

The best way to highlight a short ‘do is to cut in some really simple, small feminine curves. These lines draw attention to the natural shape of her neck, a place where eyes are already drawn – especially if you’re a guy.

  1. Diamond in the Rough
Photo Credit: The Republique

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all, aren’t they? This classic princess cut shape looks just as good adorning the back of your neck as it does your ring finger … possibly even better if you’re the type who likes to make them look but not touch!

  1. Zig Zag
Photo Credit: Pictigar

Charlie Brown’s shirt, anyone? These double zig zag lines recall perfectly the black-and-yellow garb of this classic, bumbling boy, but you can use them to good effect with just a few simple cuts.

  1. Half star
Photo Credit: Amerikani

Stars are lovely, but the half star almost has more going for it. This many-layered design recalls screen-printing, and gives you an athletic look even Sporty Spice would be jealous of. Plus, check out how well it matches those nails.

  1. Leopard Spots
Photo Credit: In Colors

Leopard: Queen of the Jungle? Wait, that’s not quite right. Whatever the case, leopard spots are a fun way to bring out the animal in you, especially if you’ve got a crazy night planned and want to send some serious signals.

  1. Classic
Photo Credit: VK.com

The classic undershave, used here, is a wonderful way to draw attention to the high-low nature of her hair color: blond on top, brown on bottom. You can also pull eyes toward a tattoo this way; just check out the lovely script trailing across her upper back to see what we mean.

  1. Jagged Waves
Photo Credit: Ingrum

Wave time again. These lovely but simple lines use hairpin turns and alternating thickness to create a pattern that flows seamlessly across the lower neck and from ear to ear. This ‘do looks especially pretty paired with a simple ponytail that contains lots of waves of its own.

  1. Egyptian-Inspired
Photo Credit: Epixgallery

And we’re back to Egypt! Everyone loves this fascinating ancient culture, and you can bring a little bit of that spice to your hair with swooping lines, abstract flowers, and embedded triangles that look like the eyes of animal-headed gods.

  1. Tribal
Photo Credit: In Colors

Knifelike lines, faint detailing, and big swoops mimic the bold lines of Celtic knots and tribal tattoos. This undershave pattern, though, gives you a chance to try on the style in a much less permanent way. But we’re warning you: If you like it, ink might follow.

  1. Chevron
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

And the chevron strikes. You’ll need more room for this design than for most, shaving the hair up past the ears to leave enough room for the equilateral triangle design. The five layers of this undershave ensure that absolutely no one can miss the effect. Even if you let your hair down (haha), it’s still likely to make its presence known.

  1. Pottery Design
Photo Credit: Jacqualine Fermin

Now let’s not lie; who doesn’t like an ancient piece of pottery? These streaked lines and scalloped edges remind us of Mayan crocks and Greek urns, curving as they do around the neck of a girl instead of a water vessel. The impression is one of purity and beauty.

  1. X Marks the Spot
Photo Credit: Wink Salon

Want to put a target on one of the sexiest parts of your body? X shapes naturally draw the eye, so mark the spot with a bold design even a pirate would approve of.

  1. Simple Lines
Photo Credit: @prang_preeyanuch

We love how simple this undershave is. Not quite plain, but not too busy either, it allows the viewer to appreciate the subtlety of the hairstyle above. If you want a bit more detail, simply add in a few more angles.

  1. Jewel
Photo Credit: Glitters and Mayhem

For as understated as this design is, it makes a pretty bold impression. Create the appearance of a jewel sitting on the back of your neck with just four straight tapering lines, all radiating outward from the lowest point.

  1. Kitty Cat
Photo Credit: Pictigar


Crazy bright colors and different depths create a kitty not to be missed in this undershave approach. Note the subtle differences in depth, which create the lines of the eyes and nose, and the playful use of color to pick out the ears. Meow.

  1. Hurricane
Photo Credit: Kayle A. Martinez

Greet storm season in style with this hurricane-inspired design. The layered whorls look exactly like a weather map, promising some hecka wild times. If you’re feeling adventurous, this could be exactly the design for you.

So what do you think? Do you love the idea of an undershave even more now than you did before? We would love to know what some of your favorite designs were, how you might update the ones we listed and if you think you might try this trendy hairstyle on for size. If you liked the article, remember to share with your friends so they can learn all about this fun, flirty fashion as well!

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