3 Deadly Sins of Growing a Chinstrap Beard


Check out these three taboos of growing a chinstrap beard. Number 3 says it all.

Chinstrap Beard

What’s up with the chinstrap beard? Most beards are considered hip and sexy; there seems to be little doubt about that these days. But there are a couple of styles that might require some re-thinking. Take the chinstrap beard. There are very few men who can wear this odd little beard and look hip doing so.

Most beards are sexy and masculine, but what about the chinstrap beard?

Beards are considered the latest hot new look with fashion forward men, professional athletes, and movie stars. And recent surveys show that more and more women are attracted to men who sport beards. But let’s face it, there are beards, and then there are wannabe beards.

So is the chinstrap a beard wannabe? Not for every guy, it turns out. If you are the kind of man who can grow a very thick, very lush, rich, full beard, you might actually look okay sporting a chinstrap. But if you don’t fall into this rather rarified category, you might want to take your beard aspirations in a different direction.

Here Are The Three Deadly Sins Of Growing A Chinstrap Beard:

  1. If you can’t grow a thick beard, don’t even think about a chinstrap. Why’s that, you ask? Because if you don’t have a decent beard to start with, any patchy or thin areas along the chin line will be highlighted. Thin areas on a narrow beard are more noticeable than on a full beard. If you’re determined to grow a beard, better to try for the full beard look instead, so the patchy areas won’t be as noticeable.
  2. Don’t use a chinstrap to try to create an artificial jaw line. If you’re overweight or have a recessive chin, don’t grow a chinstrap thinking it’s going to hide this fact. It won’t. You end up highlighting the area you’re trying to cover. All it does is showcase the fact that you’re overweight or have a recessive chin. That’s when a full beard really comes in handy since it does a great job of hiding facial drawbacks.A skimpy chinstrap hides nothing, so what’s the point? In fact, the biggest problem with the chinstrap is that they either emphasize or create the appearance of a double chin. Even with men who don’t have a double chin, this curse of a beard can make some men appear as though they do.
  3. Don’t grow a chinstrap beard because you think it looks manly. It doesn’t. In fact, of all the beards you could possibly grow, the chinstrap is probably the least manly. If you’re going for the butch, masculine look, please go with a full beard. The fact is, the chinstrap beard screams inadequate.

And there we have it, the three deadly sins of growing a chinstrap beard. Let’s face it, guys, there’s not a lot to love about the chinstrap, so why even consider it. If you’re going through all the trouble of growing a beard, then grow a damn beard. Dammit.

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