3 Practical Ways to Stop Beard Itch [Infographic]


Beard itch sucks, but you can prevent it.

beard itch

Beards itch sometimes. So do our heads, elbows, noses, toes, and every other part of our bodies. Why, then, do beards seem to itch more often than other places? In this article, we will explore the possible causes and solutions.

Why do we itch?

Excessive itching anywhere on the body can be the result of an irritant, but regular day-to-day itching is perfectly healthy when it comes around once in a while. The epidermis (the top layer of skin) is constantly rebuilding itself. Cells die and are replaced with new ones on a regular basis. The old ones usually fall off on their own, but when they don’t our body sends us an itch signal. We scratch, and the dead skin cells slough off.

Why do beards itch?

The beard itself is not causing any additional itch, but it is preventing the old processes by which your face used to dispose of unwanted skin cells. To understand why your face itches more with a beard, first consider what it was like when you were clean-shaven.

Every day you scraped a razor across your face. This peeled off excess skin cells even better than scratching. In fact, sometimes it was too good, and resulted in razor burn. In addition to that daily cleansing, your face was also rubbed up against things more often than you realize. It rubbed against your pillow at night. You leaned it on your hand when you were bored. You washed it in the shower. You wiped your mouth with a napkin. You kissed your girlfriend. Natural exfoliation was happening all day long and you never even thought about it.

Any time skin touches any surface, that’s an opportunity for it to loose some dead skin cells. Once you put a beard over your face, those opportunities became harder to come by. The beard acts as a buffer zone that prevents the skin of your cheek and neck from rubbing against things they used to, and so skin cells are disposed off less easily. Imagine yourself using sandpaper to smooth down a piece of wood. Now imagine trying to do that with a piece of cloth between your sandpaper and the wood. Far less effective. That’s essentially what your beard is doing.

What can I do about it?

  1. When you have a short beard or stubble, rubbing your face with a washcloth daily should do it. Once your beard gets longer, combing it will help in the same way. Be sure to comb deep, all the way down to the skin. This will not only plump up your beard and make it look better, but will recreate the natural exfoliation that comes with contact and pressure.
  2. Moisturize – but not with moisturizer. While a good creamy moisturizer is good for relieving itch anywhere else on your body, it will actually have the opposite effect on a bearded face! Rubbing lotion into the skin beneath your beard means that you will inevitably get some of it onto the hairs of the beard, and that’s not good. Moisturizers designed for skin will dry out hair, fail to absorb fully, and leave chemical detritus. In the long-term, that will actually make you itch more! What you want to use is a specially-formulated product like Beard Oil. I recommend Beard Czar, personally. Beard Oil is made from natural ingredients that will moisturize BOTH skin and hair, without any harmful chemicals or astringents. The point where the hair follicles first push out from the skin tends to be the itchiest part, so using a product that can improve both skin and hair at the same time is your best bet for avoiding beard itch.
  3. Skin supplements. Healthy skin will maintain its moisture and stability, meaning it will need to be exfoliated less often. To keep your skin in fighting shape requires specific nutrients, especially where beards are concerned. As I mentioned with the moisturizers, products designed for only skin will not fix beard itch. That goes for pills as well as creams. If you’re taking Vitamin E or any other skincare nutritional supplements, you’re only getting (at best) half the effectiveness you could be getting. A nutritional supplement like Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex will give you more than just healthy skin. It’ll give you healthy skin, healthy beard hair, and the nutritional advantage for them both to work in tandem.

Think about healthy skin the same way you think about a healthy body. A football player, a rock climber, and a marathon runner would all be considered fit and healthy people. However, the specific training and exercises they do are customized for the tasks they want to accomplish. Similarly, anyone who bathes and moisturizes and takes vitamins could be said to have healthy skin – but it’s not as good as it could be for a specific job. A linebacker needs a tackle dummy and a rock climber needs a wall, just like a face with a beard needs different things than a face without a beard. To solve your beard itch, seek out products designed for beard itch. It’s that simple.

For more information about Beard Czar and it’s products visit the Beard Czar website.


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