5 Interesting Mustache Styles You Should Try


Frankly, if you’ve got the ability to grow a mustache, you really have a duty to do so.

Some of the most iconic men in history have exhibited some amazing mustaches – Atilla the Hun, Ron Jeremy, Charlie Chaplin, and Freddie Mercury to name a few. It seems that everyone these days is sprouting a fashionably twirlable handlebar mustache, but personally, I’m not one to follow trends.

Here are five great mustache styles you may not have considered:

mustache styles

  1. The Magnum. A timeless style made popular by Tom Selleck in the 70’s tv show Magnum PI, it’s easy to grow and simple to maintain – just trim straight across the middle of your top lip, and comb ever so slightly to either side. It’s the less dapper cousin of the handlebar – whilst still allowing for some excellent, thoughtful mustache-stroking.


  1. The Walrus. Look at this thing. It’s magnificent. A soup-catching, mouth-obscuring miracle of follicular might. The Magnum’s bushier cousin, the Walrus falls straight down and extends further sideways from your top lip. It’s currently popularized by Ron Swanson – actor, feminist and all round great guy.
A Syrian army officer stands at attention as his unit prepares for the arrival of a visiting dignitary during Operation Desert Shield.
A Syrian army officer stands at attention as his unit prepares for the arrival of a visiting dignitary during Operation Desert Shield.
  1. The Major. Oozing authority, the major is a close-clipped style consisting of two slanted rectangles, separated in the center. Whether in the boardroom or on the battlefield, this well-kempt ‘stache demands respect. 


  1. The Horseshoe. This is a bushy and aggressive style which barely covers your top lip and cascades down to your chin. It’s famously worn by Australia’s greatest cricketer, Merv Hughes, who was famous for his terrifying approach and fierce fast bowls reaching over 100mph. Off the field, he was also renowned for his drinking talents and, in my opinion, the sporting world’s manliest mustache.


  1. The Pencil. A dapper but high maintenance style, it counteracts a thin upper lip. Shaved in the center, and thinned from the top, this classic style runs parallel to your lip, stopping at the corners of your mouth. It’s reminiscent of black and white movies ala Errol Flynn, and pairs best with a suit and a traditional side parted haircut.

Unlike a full beard, mustaches are simple to grow and easy to personalize. So grab your razor and some grooming clippers and show us what you’ve got!

Like these styles? Have some other suggestions for lesser-worn but stupendous mustache styles to accessorise your lips? Let me know in the comments.

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Rachel is an Australian writer and creator living in Austin, Tx, with her bearded husband and dog. A bicyclist and self-confessed hipster, she is an avid craft beer and facial hair fan. She believes that men should be encouraged to express themselves in a female-domainated fashion world, and is a proud supporter of individualism through creative facial topiary. She crashes gender-role boundaries while racing cars, working as a handywoman and dreaming of having a mustache.


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