5 Simple Steps for Grooming the Perfect Ducktail Beard


Alright, so you have a beard. Great. But so does everyone nowadays. You think to yourself, “It’s time for a different beard style.” I like where your mind is leading you. Bearded men have long been respected as alpha males and leaders. You cannot allow yourself to become afraid of change when it comes to your facial hair. In fact, a change can be a great thing when it comes to your facial hair style.

Contrary to its goofy name, the ducktail beard is a classy and sophisticated beard style. It blends the ruggedness associated with beards with class into a dual look that is manly and professional.

Celebrities such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Mel Gibson, and Chris Nunez have all rocked the

Leonardo DiCaprio | Image via thecoollist.com
Leonardo DiCaprio | Image via thecoollist.com

ducktail look. Charlie Hunnam in his role in the hit series Sons of Anarchy first brought the ducktail beard to light for me. No, he wasn’t the first to pull off this look. But he was the first to make me realize just how awesome this beard style is.

This classy style of beard has a shorter cut around the cheeks and down the jaw; then it gets longer the further down the jawline you get and comes to a point under the chin. It is important to spend some time while shaping this style to make sure that your beard has a perfectly symmetrical look.

If you are going to grow a ducktail beard, there are some simple steps that you need to go through. Everyone’s hair grows differently, and everyone has different results when working on their beard, but these are some general principles to abide by when growing and grooming your ducktail beard.

  1.  Let that bad boy grow.

The first step in growing the perfect ducktail beard is to grow a full beard. A full beard, not a huge beard. You don’t need a huge beard to shape it into the perfect ducktail. Now, I don’t

Ducktail Beard | Image via Pinterest
Ducktail Beard | Image via Pinterest

mean heavy stubble. You need some length to the hair, especially the hair around and on your chin. In my opinion, the perfect ducktail beard is about 2-4 inches at its maximum length.

While your beard is growing, it is important to make sure you are taking care of your beard. You will want to wash and condition it at least three times a week. You want your hair to be healthy and well-hydrated. That means you need to use a high-quality shampoo on your beard, and you should use a conditioner on it as well. Your hair and the skin underneath need to be healthy for your beard to have the rich, sleek look that is required by the ducktail beard. Don’t cheat your beard by not taking care of it.

  1.  Time to trim.

Now that your beard has reached all of its glory and has been nourished on its journey to reach that point, it’s time to cut it down to size. You will need a few things for this step. First, you need some courage. That’s right. You have been working on growing this magnificent piece of face fur for probably about 2 months or so, assuming you started with a closely trimmed beard. Facial hair generally grows at about half an inch per month, so 2 months is a pretty safe estimate for reaching your goal of 2-4 inches. You have become comfortable with your beard and don’t want to see it go. Don’t worry, it’s not actually going anywhere; it’s just undergoing a transformation. Next, you will need a good pair of scissors, a comb, and a quality beard trimmer.

Finally, you will need some time. You don’t want to rush yourself when it comes time to trim. Trust me on this one–rushing your trim job is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Having to start over is super disappointing and frustrating. Start out by washing your beard. It’s your choice if you take a full shower or do this in the sink, but make sure you give your beard a thorough shampooing and conditioning. After washing your beard, give it time to air dry.

Remember, this is the look you’re going for:

Ducktail Beard
Ducktail Beard

After you have washed your beard, you will start your trimming process. First, get control of your neck beard. You need to give your jaw line definition and keep your neck clean to pull off the ducktail beard. Next, you need to lower the cheek line of your beard. The majority of the hair is to be focused on the jawline and chin, not on the cheeks, so use your beard trimmer and razor and lower your cheek lines. Third, you need to trim your mustache. If you’re like me, you keep the hair off of your lip due to how itchy it makes your lip feel, so you may be able to skip this step.

Next comes the most essential step in shaping the ducktail beard. Take a comb and brush your facial hair out as straight as you can get it.

You will see how the length of your beard differs naturally, but you need to get the shape right. Use your beard trimmer to shorten the hair close to your ears and at the top of your jaw line. Work your way down your jawline, leaving your hair longer the closer you get to your chin and longest underneath your chin. After this, comb it out again and use your scissors to make sure that the shape of your beard is symmetrical.

  1.  Beard Oil and Beard Balm for the Win!

Shampooing and conditioning your beard is not enough to keep your beard healthy. You will need to invest in some quality beard oil and/or beard balm. Now, it is important to know that these are two totally different products and tools. Beard oil is mainly used to help your beard smell good and appear healthy. Beard balm is primarily used to shape your beard and to nourish your hair follicles and the skin underneath your beard.

Having healthy skin under your beard is critical to the health of your beard. If your skin is irritated, your hair will not be as healthy as it should be. Using beard oil is essential for the attractiveness of your beard. Let’s be honest: Hair does not smell good. It absorbs sweat and dead skin all day. Your beard hair not only catches those unsavory items but also food and saliva–the recipe for a very rank smelling piece of carpet on your face. Use beard oil to help keep your beard smelling great. You will love it, and the ladies will too. Watch this short video to learn all the differences between beard oil and beard balm.

You can also use coconut oil if you’re not looking to drop a whole lot of money on beard oil or beard balm. It is no secret that coconut oil is hot right now. There is so much information out there on the benefits of coconut oil that it is impossible to argue against it. There is also a growing number of men who are using coconut oil on their beards. The coconut oil will nourish your skin and help to lock moisture into the hair itself. 

  1.  Brush Your Beard Regularly.

Brushing your beard is a key part to keeping it healthy. We don’t need to discuss how unattractive an unhealthy beard is. In fact, the men who don’t take care of their beards should just shave them. You should invest in a good brush to help keep your beard healthy. I would suggest a boar’s bristle brush as opposed to the synthetic brushes that are super cheap. The reasoning here is simple: the natural feel of the boar’s bristles on your skin is less likely to irritate your skin than the synthetic brushes. They will cost a little bit more, but you should be able to find one that is very affordable on Amazon.

Brushing your beard helps it in so many ways that it is not possible to list them all here. But we will talk about a couple. First, it exfoliates the hair and the skin underneath. Gentle exfoliation is key to healthy skin and hair. Second, brushing removes dirt, dead skin, and food. Furthermore, we don’t want that junk in our beards. 

  1.  Keep it Trimmed.

What sets the ducktail beard apart from a full bushy beard is that it is trimmed and shaped. If you get lazy and your trimming habits get slack, you will lose the shape of your beard. It is absolutely essential that you take care of that glorious piece of face fur that you have worked so hard to obtain. You will need to keep your scissors and beard trimmer close by, and you will need to make sure that the shape holds true.

Remember, you have already put in all of this hard work to obtain the beard shape that you want. Now, you just have to maintain the shape. You will simply use the scissors to keep the length of the hair generally the same and the beard trimmer to keep the lines the same.


I hope this information is helpful to you whether you are looking to shape your beard into a ducktail beard or are simply looking for some pointers on how to maintain and take care of your ducktail beard. Personally, the ducktail style is one of my favorite beard styles, if not my favorite. The blending of rugged and stylish looks has rarely if ever been combined in such an amazing way. Beards are awesome, but certain beard styles are hands down better than others. The ducktail beard is among the top in terms of what is in style these days.

Don’t be one of those that doesn’t take care of his beard. Grow it and groom it. Your beard is your most obvious accessory. If you decide to grow this style of beard, don’t detract from the amazing standard set by those before us.