6 Big Beard Styles That’ll Prove Your Manliness – You can thank us later


Think you’re man enough to rock one of these big beard styles? Aim for number 3, if you dare.

big beard styles

There is nothing in this world more blatantly manly than a dude wearing one of these big beard styles. But the fact is, not every guy is man enough to sport one of these bad boys. Maybe his woman hates beards, or maybe it’s just his general lack of confidence. We don’t have all the answers, but we know one thing – a big beard will knock your manliness quotient into the stratosphere. You’re welcome.

There Are Very Few Acceptable Reasons For Not Considering A Big Beard.

Before we go judging anybody, remember – it’s not always the guy’s fault. So let’s not lay guilt on a guy just because he’s not rocking a big beard. Maybe he’s in the military. If so, we can forgive no beard pretty damn fast. Or maybe he’s got one of those pussy jobs that doesn’t allow facial hair in the workplace. Can’t blame a guy for trying to hang onto his job in this day and age. Hell, maybe he’s going through chemo and losing all his hair. But the dude better be bald.

The fact is almost any reason for not wanting to show your manliness with a big beard is unacceptable. Your lady doesn’t like them? Maybe it’s time to swap out your precious pookie for one that digs a big-ass beard. Remember, he who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither. Don’t know what the neighbors might think? Screw them, you never liked them anyway. When it comes to owning a big beard, just man up and do it.

Here Are Six Big Beard Styles That Are Ultra-Manly And Serious Lady Pleasers.

  1. Classic Full Beard. This is the starting point for serious beards. It’s considered the classic way to grow out facial hair, and not every man can pull it off. Some men just don’t have the genetics for growing a thick, full beard. All we can say to those men is, sorry dude you have our sympathy. But for the rest of you, this is the shortest full beard you can have. It will take you about six weeks before it is ready for a light trim. The key word is light.
  2. The Verdi. This full beard is inspired by Giuseppe Verdi, the Italian composer (1813-1901). He had a full, rich, distinctive beard that looks great on the man of today. It’s longer than the Classic Full Beard but not as long as some of the other big beards listed here.
  3. The Yeard. This is the beard you end up with after growing it for a full year. Hence the term “Yeard.” Clever, right? Anyway, this beard will rock your face. It shouldn’t be trimmed or touched in any way during the first year. Once you have a Yeard, you can trim to maintain, or you can keep going into uncharted territory.
  4. The Gnarly. This is a good beard for a guy looking for an unkempt style while still being occasionally trimmed. It’s a thick, full, wide beard that is not too much longer than your face. But it’s still a very bold eye-full.
  5. The Majestic. The Majestic lives up to its name. This beard is meant to be worn by the serious beardsman only. It’s the height of a full, lush beard. The beard and mustache are allowed to grow freely and only trimmed when they get to be too much of a nuisance for the beardsman.
  6. The Terminal. For the serious beardsman, the dream of one day sporting a Terminal is worth the wait. As you no doubt know, the Terminal is the holy grail of beards. It’s the absolute genetic limit of how long your beard can grow. Some men’s Terminals are gigantic. Think of the guys in ZZ Top. They’re sporting Terminals and couldn’t look more hip and masculine.

So there you have it, the big beard styles guaranteed to launch your manliness into exciting, uncharted territory. If you’ve been looking for a way to shake up your life for the better, you’ve just found it.

Meta: Check out these big beard styles to boost your manhood vibe into the ozone. Shoot for number 3, if you dare, and see what happens to your love life.