6 Types of Goatees For Summer


Evil geniuses and summer, what to they have in common? Both are better with different types of goatees. Which one is the perfect diabolical look for you?

types of goatees

Summer Is The Time To Sport A Lighter Beard – The Infamous Goatee

With summer nearly upon us, consider sporting one of these hip goatee designs for a cool, dangerous look. Why sweat up a storm under a full beard when you can spend it rocking one of these devil-may-care goatees.

A goatee will make you look more hip, more serious, more mature, more… sinister. It’s true. Goatees are associated with movie villains and other cruel types, like Satan, who is often pictured with a goatee. Goatees make a man look more sinister and exciting.

Let me put it in a way you’ll understand. Women find the look hot and sexy.

6 Diabolical Goatees For Summer

  1.  Classic Goatee. The classic goatee is the granddaddy of all goatees and as basic as it gets. The classic goatee by definition does not include a mustache. It’s simply a short chin beard under your lower lip. It’s very popular among both handsome movie actors and IT nerds.
  2. Full Goatee. A lot of dudes confuse this one with the classic goatee, because it’s usually the one we picture when we think of this style of beard. It’s really shaped like a circle, with the hair of the mustache continuing down around the mouth where it meets the lower half of the goatee growing under the lower lip. This unbroken circle pattern is by far the most popular style of goatee. It’s typically worn by Walter White wannabe meth dealers, bikers, and bald men in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.
  3. The Balbo. The Balbo is a disconnected goatee, with the mustache and lower beard separate and distinct. It was popularized by Italo Balbo, the WW2 Italian military honcho. It’s definitely a more sophisticated look, evoking an aura of charisma. You see this one being worn by strutting neo-Nazis and Robert Downey, Jr.
  4. Van Dyke. This is another disconnected goatee. It’s named after the Flemish Baroque artist Anthony Van Dyck, renowned for his 17th century paintings. This goatee is ideal for dudes that have a hard time growing a complete circle goatee. Instead of showing patches of missing hair, the Van Dyke combines the mustache, soul patch, and chin goatee without any of them being connected. Wearing this style goatee totally hides the fact that you might have patchy growth. This look is typically seen worn by Confederate veterans of the Civil War.
  5. Van Gogh. The Van Gogh, named after 19th century Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, is the fullest of the goatee styles. The mustache and beard are connected, so it’s almost a complete beard. The difference is it doesn’t go all the way to the sideburns, making it an ideal warm weather version of a full beard. It’s a great look for guys who have a thick beard to begin with. This is a great goatee for tortured artists everywhere.
  6. The Anchor. The anchor goatee is in between the Van Dyke and the Van Gogh. The hair below the mouth is longer than either of those goatees, but the mustache and beard do not connect. The trimming on either side of the soul patch, while still connected to the wider beard beneath it, and the separate mustache, make the overall effect resemble an anchor. You see this look, not surprisingly, worn by a lot of Navy veterans.

These are some classic goatee designs, but you can also shape up your own unique goatee style. The point is to choose a style that looks good on you. The goatee you should select will depend on the amount of facial hair you can sprout, and how it looks on your face.

Which goatee style will you rock this summer?  Let us know in the comments.

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