7 Best Beards in the Marvel Universe


Of COURSE you read Marvel comics with an eye for the best beards – don’t we all?

Beards of Marvel
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We got to thinking about who has the best beards in the world of Marvel Comics and decided to do some research. As you know, beards are very big right now and they’re expected to remain big for years to come. So which Marvel characters best represent this trend?

Our natural inquisitiveness leads us to some interesting discoveries. Among our findings is a great selection of the best beards in the world of comic book heroes right here on Ranker.com that we thought you’d like to check out.

After careful review, here’s our pick of the 7 best beards in the Marvel universe:

Marvel Best Beard #1: Thor

Best Beards
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Do NOT mess with this dude. He’s just had his glass of milk and is ready to rumble.

Marvel Best Beard #2: Wolverine

Best Beards
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This badass makes muttonchops look positively terrifying. Leave it to Wolverine to pull this look off better than anybody.

Marvel Best Beard #3: Green Arrow

Best Beards
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He sports a very cool beard, but why does he look so surprised? He’s standing directly in front of an archery target… duh.

Marvel Best Beard #4: The Hulk

Best Beards
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The Hulk occasionally likes to wear a beard because he feels it makes him look more professorial.

Marvel Best Beard #5: Tony Stark aka Iron Man

Best Beards
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Could anyone look more suave than Iron Man’s Tony Stark in his hipster beard? We don’t think so either.

Marvel Best Beard #6: Captain America

Best Beards
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Rumor has it Captain America doesn’t want to be outdone by Thor’s thick blond beard and hipster look, so he occasionally sports this stylish and urbane beard.

Marvel Best Beard #7: Mr. Sinister

Best Beards
Courtesy of Marvel, i.Annihil.us

Did someone just speed-dial Satan? You have to admit, his goatee makes Mr. Sinister look just like his good pal Lucifer.

After some very heated debate, these are the ones that made our final cut of the best beards in the Marvel universe. Obviously we could’ve added more, since Marvel has dozens of characters sporting beards. But with all the internal arguing we decided it was best to keep the list manageable and the brawling minimal.

We hope you agree with our choices, but understand if you don’t. Please let us know what you think of our list in the comments section, and if you liked it don’t forget to share it with your friends.