7 Facts About 10 Day Stubble Growth


Greetings, stubble seekers!

If you’re a novice to the art of beardscaping, a good swath of short coverage hair is a great place to get your feet wet. As you learn more about beard upkeep, you may find more hurdles and obstacles than you originally anticipated. I’d hate to see good beard potential go to waste because nobody put a clear rundown of what to expect out there for the noobs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re considering a goatee, chin strap, yeard, or stubble; careful review of the facts is wise. Whether this marks your transition from baby faced man-boy to designer stubble stud, or turns into the beginning of your quest for a full beard, here are 7 facts about 10-day stubble growth:

The First Ten Days

  1. There is wisdom in a good prep routine before starting.

    You may think that calling it quits with the razor frees up a lot of time in your morning routine, but that, my friend, just isn’t so. There is new work to do. I advise you to spend your newfound “free” time in days 1 through 9 exfoliating (read: scrubbing, but not over-scrubbing) your face, particularly over your beard’s hairline. This will help to stimulate natural growth and keep your face clean of dead skin cells, which can lead to ingrown hairs or breakouts of acne. Exfoliation should only happen about every other day, unless you want to relive your awkward, splotchy-faced teenager phase.
  2. You might feel like a monster.

    Lack of exfoliation can have some unfortunate side effects, such as turning you into a bearded dragon lizard. Or something that feels like one, at least. Itchiness, roughness, scaly-feeling skin; in the beginning stages of your stubble growth, you will likely encounter one or each of these unwanted guests. There are ways to reduce beard itch and make your early beard feel much better. This is why exfoliation is important.
  3. Complaints and criticisms will come.

    Hair over the body does grow at an even rate, but not every hair is in the same stage of growth at the same time. This can be frustrating, but you gotta hang in there. I promise you, better things lay just ahead. Okay, not just ahead, but coming soon. By day 4, you’ll be seeing better shadow over your beard’s hairline, though not quite enough to impress your friends. Before they finally do recognize the splendor of your stubble, you’ll have to weather the storms of complaints and criticisms from misunderstanding significant others and nonbelievers in beards.

    Aww, your wifey won’t kiss you?

    Suck it up. She’ll come around after she sees the product of your self-control. Feeling like a hobo in a suit at the office? Have some self-respect, man. Stand up straighter as you remind yourself of the end goal: the unquestionable display of your God-given masculinity.

  4. Questioning your face’s ability to produce full beard coverage is normal.

    10 day stubble
    I did touch on this a minute ago, but let me add a bit more to keep you from getting frustrated and giving up on day 6. On average, all human hair grows something like half an inch per month. The tricky thing is that not all hair starts growing at the same time or keeps growing for the same length of time. This is why you might find some hairs coming along nicely while others seem stunted or “dead.” The key is perseverance and attention to your own hair’s growth. You’ll soon get the hang of it and know how to coax the most from your beard. There are some products that can help your face and beard be the best it can be.
  5. Beard oil is the friend who’s got your back during this transition.

    Before day 10, DO NOT TRIM. I don’t care how much you itch, pinch, or bleed. DO NOT TRIM, TWEEZE, OR SHAPE BEFORE DAY 10. Not day 8, not day 9–hold out for day 10. To assist you through the trials and tribulations of facial hair growth, you may find it beneficial to invest in a good beard oil. You can mosey on over to watch this beard oil tutorial to see how it’s done.

    Now, the recommendation in the video is to use a dime-sized amount of oil, but notice that the demonstrating gentleman’s beard is very, very full. If you’re starting out or merely trying to maintain stubble, I’d suggest using an amount closer to the size of a pin’s head. Yes, the kind people sew with. A little goes a long way.

  6. Some assembly required.

    My friend, it is day 10. You have arrived. Your stubble should be increasing in fullness even as you admire your own reflection in the mirror. Now, you can fully embrace your new look and status as an official beard bearer. Congrats! Before you venture out, though, you’ve got some business that needs attending. Yes, day 10 is when everything changes; you may now resume grooming. I’m not talking about the prissy, meticulous kind of grooming. I’m talking about getting to know the best parts of your own face and beard so that you really knock it out of the park. We’ve got some tips on shaping the neckline for you right here in a previous post.
  7. Maintaining stubble is not a carefree lifestyle choice.

    If you’re looking into how to grow fantastic stubble, I hope you read to the end of this article before starting. While 10 day stubble comes off as an easy street, rakish look, in truth it is not quite as easy, breezy, beard-ful as that. You’ll be touching up and trimming down about 2-3 times per week, and the length of time it takes to groom stubble can take longer than your straight up daily shaving did. You’d better believe that it’s worth the time and effort.

    Pretty sure wifey will be coming back around, fully adjusted to (or eagerly welcoming) the new, well-maintained, stubbly you.

A question, in conclusion…

Do you feel a bit wiser in the means and ways of achieving that 10 day stubble look? I’m hoping so. Whether you’re getting ready to set sail in the style of stubble or testing the waters before making the deep-end dive into full-beardedness, we write to equip you with what you need to know. If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the box below. And if you found this article helpful, share it with friends. Enemies too; they’ll look better and might annoy you less.

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