7 Reasons Having a Beard is Better Than Not Having a Beard


Think having a beard isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Seriously?

having a beard is better than not

If you’re tossing around the idea that having a beard is no big deal, you probably don’t have one. Or maybe you have one, but you’re not wielding it the way God intended.

Frankly, I can sympathize. I’ve had beards, on and off, for longer than I want to admit. There have been times when I’ve cut it off in frustration over maintenance or some other bullshit reason. Like because I met a girl who didn’t like it. I know, I know. I cringe when I think of the old saying, ‘he who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither’.

And then there are times when I’m clean-cut and thought, do I really want to grow a beard again? But when I finally break down and grow one, all the benefits come flooding back and I’m always extremely thankful I took the plunge.

So now that I’ve grown one again (for the last time!) I thought I’d help you guys who might be on the fence. I put serious time and effort into coming up with a few of the top reasons having a beard is better than not having one. Read on for the lowdown.

7 Reasons Having a Beard is Better Than Not Having One

1. Women dig guys with beards.


It’s true. Women love beards. Or, I should say, women love guys with beards. It’s not that all women love the physical beard itself, although a lot of them do. But many just dig a guy with the cojones, élan, and personality to proudly rock one. The perception of a guy wearing a beard is that he is powerful, masculine, dominant, and interesting. All traits that make women wet.

And the bigger the beard, the bigger his I-don’t-give-a-steaming-pile-of-crap-what-you-think outlook. Do you see the power in that attitude? And that, my brother, is what women dig.

Think about it for a minute.

Women are used to working with, dating, and otherwise associating with clean-shaven men. So, let’s say she’s at a party with a roomful of these smooth-faced guys when suddenly a dude sporting a big, hairy beard walks in. What happens? He immediately fills the entire room with his is

Women are used to working with, dating, and otherwise associating with clean-shaven men. So, let’s say she’s at a party with a roomful of these smooth-faced guys when suddenly a dude sporting a big, hairy beard walks in. What happens? He immediately fills the entire room with his is presence, that’s what.

Everyone’s attention is on this guy. Not only all the women, but all the men as well. He almost compels everyone’s attention. He carries an aura of mystery, authority, and masculinity unmatched by any other man in the room. And therein lies his power. You know it’s true. “Chick-magnet” doesn’t even come close to what this guy is rocking.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it.

Women’s attraction to men with beards is backed up with science. A recent Australian study: The Role of Facial Hair in Women’s Perceptions of Men uncovered some very interesting pro-beard findings.

Turns out the majority of women in the study found men with facial hair more attractive, powerful, confident, dominant, virile, and masculine than clean-shaven men. WOW! Still not sure about having a beard? Seriously?

For more info, here’s an excellent youtube video, featuring Patrick Jones, who explains the study in more detail.

2. A beard makes you feel more masculine.


There’s just no denying it. Growing a beard will make you feel more masculine. Here are Two Easy Steps for Growing a Beard:

  • Step 1: Be a real man
  • Step 2: The end

Or how about this old beardsman’s saying: There are two kinds of people without beards, boys and women. I am neither.

These both illustrate the underlying truth that a beard will make you feel more like a man. More like that butch dude hiding beneath a civilized, smooth-shaven persona, waiting to show himself via a big, hairy beard.

Any guy who has ever grown out a beard knows what I’m talking about. Once your face is covered in stubble, and then slowly transforms into a manly thatch, you feel more and more…well, manly.

Let’s face it, there’s a very good reason why it’s such a masculine look.

The face of a clean-shaven guy looks a helluva lot closer to a woman’s face than the face of a man wearing a big-ass, gnarly beard. Nobody will ever mistake that guy for a woman. Ever.

Clearly, the beard wearer is a male. The damn thing screams butch. Not only do men who wear beards feel they are more masculine, but, as noted above, they are also perceived as more masculine by others. Especially women.

Not only do men wearing beards look and feel more masculine than their clean-shaven brothers. But they appear more intimidating. It’s true. The beard is an evolutionary symbol of high testosterone and strength. They are meant to intimidate other men into stepping aside, thus reducing competition for women.

There is solid scientific proof that this is the case.

In this British study, a group of both clean shaven and bearded men were photographed making the same scowling, aggressive, teeth-baring expression.

The study subjects rated the photos of the bearded men as being far more intimidating and aggressive than their clean-shaven brothers.

This is due to the fact that a beard broadcasts to the world that the wearer is mature and packing some serious testosterone. The human brain subconsciously picks up on this as a signal that the wearer has the potential to be more aggressive. Thousands of years of evolution have hardwired us to perceive external symbols, like beards, in this way.

So, at the very least, growing a beard will make you feel more masculine. And with that feeling of masculinity comes a deep confidence in who you are as a man. Not only that, but your beard will also serve to discourage other men from competing against you for mates. Well done, beard!

3. A beard makes you feel more confident.


There can be little doubt that a beard will bring the wearer more self-confidence. Why? Because once you grow out a beard you’ll start getting compliments. And the bigger and thicker your beard, the more compliments you’ll get. This YouTube video explains how beards build confidence.

This beardsmen’s joke makes a good point: The bearded guy is talking to a girl who is quietly staring at his beard. He finally says, ‘Excuse me, miss, my eyes are up here’. If you don’t think that happens, you’ve never sported a beard.

The difference between the amount of attention (or lack thereof) you get when you are clean-shaven versus the amount you get when you have a beard is almost shocking at first. You do get used to it after a while, but you will never grow tired of it.

The truth is, men will show you more respect, and women more admiration, than you ever got when you were beardless. And when you’re getting that kind of attention from the general public, including lots of pretty women, what do you suppose happens to your confidence? It goes through the roof, that’s what.

4. You can finally stop shaving.


When you grow a beard you can finally, finally, finally stop the incessant shaving. I mean, c’mon. What a rip-off to make men get up and scrape their face with a sharp steel blade every freakin’ day. Society needs to take a damn break from this obsession with men neutering their faces.

When you grow out your beard, one of the first things you’ll notice is all the spare time you have on your hands in the morning. No more wetting your face with hot water, then spreading on the shaving cream, then scraping off the cream along with your masculinity. And while you’re at it, careful around your nose there, bubba. Good grief.

Speaking of spare time, did you know that you are wasting a whopping 139 days out of your overall lifespan by shaving. A Boston college professor figured that if a teenage boy started shaving when he was 15, by the time he was in his early 70s he would have spent nearly 3,500 hours standing in front of a mirror with foam on his face.

Every damn day. Day after damn day.

Well, I say screw you, world. Take me as I am, hairy face and all. Here’s a great YouTube video called Stop the Shaving Obsession and Let Your Beard Grow. This dude makes the point that men are trapped in a culture that’s obsessed with shaving, and maybe it’s time for us men to do something about it.

Here’s a great Buzz Feed article, 21 Reasons Bearded Men Are Better, with a really great chart at number 13. If you don’t have time to check it out I’ll sum it up for you: Growing a beard means saying goodbye to shaving, for these important reasons:

  • I can grow a sweet-ass beard
  • It looks good on me
  • F**k shaving

I think that about says it all, don’t you?

5. Beards help keep you healthy.

This one might surprise you, because it did me when I first discovered it. Turns out your beard does a lot more than just make you look cooler. There are lots of legitimate health benefits that come along with owning a beard.

  • A beard can help prevent skin cancer.
    Studies have shown that about 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays are blocked by a beard.
  • A beard helps reduce risk of bacterial infections. Bacteria is naturally occurring on everyone’s skin, and is generally fairly benign. The problem comes in when you have to shave that skin every day. You see, shaving causes tiny openings in the skin, giving bacteria a place to hide out and cause trouble. Things like acne, infections, and ingrown hairs are just a few of the culprits. By not shaving, you reduce the risk of spreading these things.
  • Beards can help prevent throat and lung diseases. Facial hair helps prevent airborne pathogens from entering your mouth and nose, thus protecting your lungs and throat. As far back as the 1870’s the beard was recognized as an effective protector of the lungs, throat and sinuses.
  • A beard helps keep your face moist and reduces wrinkles. That’s right, a beard will keep your face looking younger for longer than your clean-shaven friends. The natural oils on your face tend to stay there thanks to the protection of your beard. Even when you shower and shampoo your beard, much of the oils remain. The bottom line, your skin stays healthier, and you look younger. Not a bad deal.

It seems pretty clear that wearing a beard confers significant health benefits. And, frankly, I could not find a single case of a beard being unhealthy.

6. Beards indicate an unconventional and independent spirit.


It’s not only the beard itself that is attractive, but also the attitude a beard routinely confers to its wearer. Most guys who grow a beard tend to be at least a little bit unconventional. And they also tend to be independent thinkers. These are both qualities that usually indicate an attractive, interesting, and somewhat unusual personality and frame of mind. These also happen to be traits that most women find attractive.

The truth of this is so well entrenched in our society that lawyers tend not to select bearded men for jury duty. This is because they are known to be independent, unusual, and unconventional thinkers. Most lawyers feel they cannot easily sway men with beards by their arguments.

If getting out of jury duty wasn’t enough reason to grow a beard, you’ve also got the added benefit of being considered by society in general, and women in particular, as interesting, unconventional, and independent. And, truth be told, if you’re sporting a big, bushy beard you probably really are all those things. One more reason to love beards.

7. You will be compared to the ancient gods.


Beards have been conferring their wearers with power and prestige for thousands of years. Did you know that in ancient times all the gods wore beards? I mean all. Think about it. The Egyptian pharaohs, the Greek and Roman gods, the Norse deities, and medieval kings all had one thing in common. You so smart. Yes, beards.

In fact, beards were so dominant in ancient cultures that even the female pharaoh wannabes in Egypt wore fake beards to make them seem more pharaoh-like. Men in ancient Greece and Rome were so impressed and enamored with their bearded gods that they wore beards styled just as they imagined their god’s beards might look.

So it stands to reason that if you’re sporting a god-like beard you will remind people of a Greek god. Not only that, you will, by inference, be regarded as having god-like powers. No? Okay, maybe not a Greek god, but certainly someone of authority and influence. Let’s just say that, without a doubt, people will consider you hip and leave it at that.

Even MORE Reasons to Get Growing

So there you have it brother, seven solid reasons why having a beard is better than not having a beard. And, truthfully, there are dozens more reasons I didn’t even get into. Gimme a for-instance, you demand? Okay, how about a beard keeps you warm in cold weather. Like that one? Or a beard makes you appear more distinguished and wise. Eh, what? I could’ve gone on and on with the list, but these 7 make a pretty strong case for growing that bad boy. Number 1 alone is reason enough in my book.

Let’s do a quick review, shall we? Regardless of your sexual orientation, a beard makes you more attractive to the people you want to attract. There has been a lot of study recently about how both men and women perceive bearded men. The results are pretty conclusive. They both consider men wearing beards more attractive than clean-shaven men. For me, that’s reason enough grow a beard.

Grow It for YOU

But, in addition to the attractiveness factor, you should consider the way a beard makes you feel about yourself. As we’ve seen, a beard can help you feel more confident, more masculine, more independent and more unconventional. In short, you feel happier about who you are when you’re sporting a beard.

Add to that the fact that beards can actually help keep you healthy (and more youthful by reducing wrinkles), and it seems a fait accompli that a beard is a good thing to have.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I can sympathize with you guys who are trying to decide whether or not to grow a beard. You might be wondering, is it worth the effort? I will say right here and now, absofreakinlutely.

After growing my own beard and doing the research for this list, I can only tell you to go for it. You will not be sorry you did.

Let me know what you think of this post in the comments section. And, please share this article with others if you found it useful. 

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