7 Tid-Bits About A 5 O’Clock Shadow Beard


What Should You Know About a Five o’clock Shadow Beard?

5 o clock shadow beard

So you’ve decided to stop fighting the razor in the morning and have settled for a five o’clock shadow beard. After all, why hide the result of a long day’s work on your manly face? Plus, going unshaven should be simple, right? But unless you want your five o’clock shadow to reach the eleventh hour, you need to know why and how to maintain the shadow beard.

Check It Out First

Celebrities parade the unshaven five o’clock look so naturally that you would think any guy could do it. But that rugged stubble look on a man’s face may take time for you to develop, depending on your hair type and growth rates.To see if the specter of a shadow beard can come over you, avoid shaving for three to six days; then evaluate your hair growth. Is there enough stubble to cover your face, or are there patches? A good five o’clock shadow beard should show the outlines of your face, including a uniform color tone around the jawline and under the chin. If you’re able to get that look, then you are get ready to go.

Watch this video from Men’s Health to get a good idea on what the perfect 5 O’Clock shadow looks like.

Use the Right Tools

To avoid growing a beard without abandon, you will need to gather the right tools to sculpt the shadow properly. First, get an electric hair or beard trimmer with adjustable lengths. You want a shaver with attachment combs low enough to fade the stubble under the neck along with a precision edge to cut mustache areas and around the ears.

To find the right level for the blade for your face, try trimming with each comb level, starting from the highest to the lowest until you reach the desired stubble stage. This works best if you shave after growing your hair out just past the point where you may want the beard.

Prepare to Shave

To begin your five o’clock look, go to your shower prepared with exfoliating cream or lotion and conditioner. Wet and wash your face with the exfoliating cream to knock off any loose dirt. Next, apply some moisturizer to loosen up the hair follicles. Look for a moisturizer that has aloe or another natural oil instead of alcohol, which can irritate your skin.

Shaving a Shadow

After you have moisturized your face, it’s time to shave. Use your chosen electric razor on a low height and shave in a comfortable direction so as to avoid ingrown hairs; each man’s beard is different, so you will have to find how to cut on the grain. Continue shaving around the neck and jawline. Be sure to buzz off any hair left below the neck line (near the Adam’s apple) and above the jawline. Check your cheeks in order to remove any pesky stray whiskers too. After you’re done, rinse your face with warm water and then apply a nourishing beard oil to smooth any nicks and to hydrate the skin.

Check out this youtube video showing you how to shave and style a shadow.

Keep It Up

Avoiding the shorn stubble look for a five o’clock shadow beard may seem easy, but it still takes work to keep trimmed. Otherwise, hairs will begin to creep back on your cheeks and down your neck in ways that make the pillow itch against you at night. Aim to shave at least twice a week in order to maintain the neat shadow look. Waiting longer than that borders on the hobo beard territory.

Feel Confident

Mastering the art of the five o’clock shadow beard should boost your confidence in relationships with the opposite sex too. A study by Welsh researchers in 2013 found women view men whose faces show medium stubble as more masculine. So show the ladies how handsome a five o’clock shadow can look, or show your own special lady your designer stubble. Hopefully, she’ll admire it as much as you do. However, if she feels it is a little too prickly for her, some conditioner should make it softer.

Rock Your Look

A five o’clock shadow beard can be a great way to rock your masculinity. While it may mean less time spent shaving every day, it still needs to be groomed weekly. Use your arsenal of an adjustable electric razor, conditioner, and beard oil to stay in the shadow beard look. With these items and the grooming tips here, you’re armed to carry out an impressive five o’clock shadow beard.

Have questions about keeping a five o’clock shadow beard? Ask them here. Or share your beard story.


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