9 Proven Beard Growth Products


So you’re a smart guy; you know things. You know you want a beard that says you’re not intimidated by anything. You know that women really do prefer beards.  Besides, winter is coming and it’s freakin’ cold out there. It’s time to grow your best beard, and you want a proven beard growth champion. But we’re not all born with the follicles to grow a boss beard. If you’re having trouble growing the beard you want, here are nine proven beard growth products to help you get that lumberjack look.

Beard Growth Oils, Balms, and Serums

1. The Unscented One: Mountaineer WV Barefoot Beard Oil 

Mountaineer WV Barefoot Beard Oil Beard Growth Product

The name Mountaineer conjures images of a barefoot mountain man, endowed with a warm, robust chin carpet, smoking a wooden pipe in his remote mountain lodge. Here’s the thing: a mountaineer is going to smell how a mountaineer will smell. He’s not fussy like that. In that spriri, WV Mountaineer is a great option for those of us with sensitive skin, or who don’t want a strongly scented product. I love the smell of pine needles as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to give the nose a break from time to time. Users rave about this brand, as does Men’s Journal. You can purchase this item on Amazon.

2. The Itch Fighter: Beard Growth Serum by DaeLong

DaeLong Beard Growth Product

Growing a beard can be itchy AF. Some of us have sensitive skin on top of that. Before that itch makes you shave off your beautiful beard, Yes, there is: DaeLong’s Beard Growth Serum is designed to remedy dry skin and make your beard feel fantastico. Most reviewers said that the actual effect on growth was not as drastic as other brands, but it really helped with dry skin.

3. The One That Works While You Sleep: Maxx Beard

What sets Maxx Beard apart is that it’s an overnight treatment, so it’s very user-friendly.  Also cool: The ingredients list includes nettle extract. The good news? You can tell your friends you grew that beard with nettles. A little less cool: some users reported itching the first few times they used Maxx Beard, but it subsided after the first few applications. This didn’t hurt its impressive four-star Amazon rating, though.

4. The Wash Out: Beard Growther by Beard Farmer 

The cool thing about Beard Growther is that it’s a wash-out oil. If you’re not somebody who likes having product on your face all day, this is the one for you. At $23ish per bottle, it’s also one of the less expensive options out there. Users describe it as having a strong smell when applying it, but since it’s a wash-out, it lingers pleasantly without overwhelming.

5. The One That Smells Like Coffee: Soap-a-licious

If you’re anything like me, or most busy Americans, you love coffee. I practically take it intravenously. If you’re one of those characters who doesn’t like coffee (or happiness), you must at least enjoy coffee’s sultry smell. Soap-a-licious Beard Balms come in a variety of scents, but their coffee-mint scented beard balm is definitely one of their best ideas ever . Soap-a-licious’s website is very user-friendly and includes a full list of their all-natural ingredients. You can check out this video review on YouTube.


6. The Green One: Organic Trace Beard Garden 

For our  green friends out there, Organic Trace Beard Garden is an entirely organic beard growth supplement. With a hefty dose of biotin to boost growth, Organic Trace is a pretty darn good beard supplement. One reviewer claims that it gave her husband an energy boost. As with any biotin supplement, it takes a week or two to work, so don’t expect to have full results for your date this weekend. Be warned, however, that these are some dank pills. Effective, but pungent. Worth muscling through for the results.

7. The Multitasker: Smooth Viking Hair and Beard Growth Support

Because who doesn’t want to look like a Viking? Those guys are practically synonymous with “sick beard”. What sets Smooth Viking’s growth support formula apart is that it stimulates beard growth and combats hair loss, so if you’re also getting a little thin up top, this will kill two birds with one stone. This product also helps prevent dry, itchy, nasty skin; so you won’t need to worry about getting flaky skin in your beautiful new beard. Amazon reviewers claim that Smooth Viking made their beards look and feel sleek, healthy, and smooth.

8. The Vegan One: VitaBeard

Boldly claiming to be the world’s first beard growth supplement (probably what Gandalf, Dumbledore, and Santa Claus use on their epic beards), VitaBeard is also certified Non-GMO and vegan. That means vegans and gluten-free folks can get in on the beard party, too. It’s made in the USA, so you can boost your facial hair and the economy in one fell swoop. This reviewer praised the product as safer and better than many other beard growth products. It’s also said to help clear up acne! 10 points to VitaBeard.

9. The Do or Die: Beardilizer Dietary Supplement

On top of getting rave reviews from users and having an awesome name, Beardilizer works fast. Most reviewers notice dramatic results within 2-3 weeks, and one user recommended if you’ve never been able to grow a beard before. It’s also flexible: you can use this product as a one month treatment plan or a 10-day intensive plan for when you need that beard NOW. It’s Miracle Gro for your face.

So now you know what’s out there to be your beardy best. Let us know in the comments what you think about any of these products or this post!

May the beard be with you.


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