About Us

We are a collection of bearded men, and beard loving women who are interested in dispelling some of the myths around beards. We are in active rebellion against the bald, baby faced look!
Beards are the enhancement and polished look of everything manly.  Masculinity is about growth, both personal and professional.  It’s about being someone that is respectable in all things.

Beards are the one thing that women “shouldn’t” have. We respect that and wish the best to our beard toting fellows!

Beards have an ebb and flow to them throughout history and the bearded lifestyle is coming back!  It’s a lifestyle of manliness.  We aim to bring back that connection to being a man.
We look forward to this era of beard.  A culture of men showing their pride in the mark of the man.


The purpose of this site is to educate, appreciate and overall increase awareness and love of the beard.  Our audience is anyone that has, wants, covets, loves and generally has any interest in beards. We focus on those that have or want beards. While we don’t always poke fun at those who don’t grow a beard, we do tend to make light of them. It is also required to have a sense of humor to view this page.

We want to create a place to honor the beard and bearded men. Yes, you mustached maniacs are part of our great clan!  Men who have the desire to break the baby faced mold and buck the trend and societal norms that is plaguing manhood today.  To honor men who are proud to be a rugged man’s man.

We encourage you to leave feedback.  We will do our best to reply and as always, thanks for visiting.


about usColin Rowe: Colin Rowe is a writer and beard enthusiast from Santa Fe, NM. In 2009 he travelled with over a thousand members of Beard Team USA to compete in the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska. He took fourth place in the Musketeer category. These days he sports a beard of the Verdi style and is RuggedRebel.com’s resident expert on the world of competitive facial hair.



JustinJustin Wood: Justin has been growing a beard since he could first sprout facial hair.  He lives with his wife, two boys and a mentally unstable dog.  He loves to be outdoors and thinks that the best stories start with “Here, hold my beer…”





JaneJane Thompson:  Jane is a blogger and wife of a rugged man with a great beard. He is currently working on his ‘yeard’ and we can’t wait to see what she has to say about that.  She provides that feminine angle to the beard and has a profound respect for men who are manly enough to sport such a symbol of power and masculinity.  Jane is a beard enthusiast and isn’t afraid to speak her mind when it comes to men and their whiskers.