Bearded Men of New York City


An epic adventure of the city that never sleeps

My husband and I were recently in the big city for a work conference. We started to notice an impressive trend of facial hair sprouting dudes!  While not all of the faces we saw had them there were many that had a least a little bit.


While I won’t bore you with details of our work conference I will give you some of the insights to the bearded men of New York that I saw.

My favorite was one of the employees at our hotel.  It was just the right size with his own little flare.  I couldn’t help but get a picture. He said he had been growing it for about a year and his mustache took a lot of work to make it look that way. You can check out our post here on Rugged Rebels to see different ways to shape your mustache.

bearded men of new york

The subway ride had lots of bearded men sitting around. It felt a little too creepy to take pictures of random strangers so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

On the ride back to the airport our wonderful Uber driver was all too happy to talk. We talked about beards and beard products.  It amazes me how much, as a woman, I know about beards from listening to my husband. He was 24 and trying to grow out his beard, all while convincing his wife that he should have one. He was having issues with some patchy spots and not having a thick full beard.

We told him about some of the products we’ve seen on the market, some of which we are getting ready to reveiw on our site here. I also told him about our site as we have lots of information concerning beards, grooming and how-tos.

All in all it was a successful trip. The lights and hustle and bustle of the city are something I can handle for only a short period of time. However, it’s interesting to see what’s going on in other areas of the country.

Have you seen some impressive or intriguing beards in New York City? Let me know in the comments.

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Ms. Thompson is a beard aficionado and lover of all things beard. She is married to a bearded man who is currently working on his yeard; and can't wait to provide her opinions on the process. Her and her husband live on their farm with two rambunctious boys and their dog who hasn't figured out how to leave the livestock alone.