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What are beard vitamins and do I need them?

Beard vitamins are a collection of different vitamins and dietary supplements designed to target your beard hairs. If you are eating the best diet and have the healthiest lifestyle out there then adding additional vitamins that can be found in your daily diet doesn’t make much sense.  However, if you are like me, and most of the rest of the world, we can all use a little help getting the proper nutrients.

Eric Bandholz from the following youtube video stated, and I agree, that the best part of a specialized vitamin is the convenience factor.  Instead of mixing your own beard vitamin soup, brands like beardilizer have done that for you.

Now, we’ve already discussed that beard hairs are different than your head hair so do you really need a different set of vitamins for them? Beardilizer and many other brands think so.

It’s interesting to note that on their website the facial hair complex has 193 reviews at almost 5 stars.  The reviews on however has 161 reviews at 2 1/2 stars. While I don’t think that all reviews on Amazon are worth listening to, it is interesting to see such a disparity between the two. Naturally, I did my own research and bought a bottle of Beardilizer from amazon.


When I got the box from Amazon I thought it was one of the many other things I ordered.  This box is HUGE for a simple supplement bottle.  I think they could have done some serious downsizing and still had plenty of room for the bottle to move freely.


The bottle itself isn’t all that big and you can easily read all the instructions on the bottle.

beardilizer review



From the list of ingredients on the back of the Beardilizer bottle you are getting an alphabet soup of vitamins. We have talked about Biotin at length before and that it is a major player in hair health and growth. However, the serving size of 3 capsules and only 750 mcg Biotin for that number of capsules is rather disappointing.

The directions on the bottle state for adults to “take one capsule, three times per day with a meal”.  So I’m confused as to the ingredients list.  Is it 1 capsule at 750 mcgs or 3 capsules at 750 mcgs for Biotin? Depending on which method you subscribe to the math can vary greatly.

Usage over 10 days – Jumpstart your growth

Beardilizer recommends that to jumpstart your growth, whether you’ve used their product before or not, you can cram 9 pills a day for 10 days into your system. We were skeptical at first as it seems like a really good marketing ploy to get someone to use all your product and have to buy more. That being said, we tried it and here are our results.

Does it work?

Yes. It worked for me. Many articles out there will tell you that each person’s DNA is different and beard hair is no exception. Your results may vary. This supplement seemed like it worked for me.  I am already taking a multivitamin so adding this didn’t cause any major wow factor but I can see an improvement in my beard.  I followed their “Intense growth” recommendation of 9 capsules per day for 10 days.

Even at 9 capsules a day the total Biotin you are getting is 2250 mcgs.  You can buy more than that in almost every other beard product out there and you won’t have to take so many at one time.


I know it’s only meant to be an initial jump start but 9 capsules for 10 days! That seems not only excessive but almost a gimmick. It also seriously detracts from the convenience factor of a beard supplement in the first place.  I think they really need to rework their marketing or even their formula if they want people to take them seriously.  It feels like someone in their marketing department said ‘how can we get people to use our product really fast so they have to buy more?’

The flip side is it worked. If you can stomach shoving 3 pills, 3 times a day, down your throat then you should see results too. There are mixed results on many different review sites for this product but I really think that most of them expect it to be a work overnight cure for their beard.  Beard growth takes time and skin and hair health.  If you don’t have these simple ingredients no amount of vitamin is going to work for you.


We’ve found better beard products on the market and will be reviewing them shortly.  The amount of capsules in one bottle should last you 30 days if you follow the recommended serving size of 3 per serving.  The price on amazon was $29.99 which is great if the bottle actually lasted 90 days.  It is our humble opinion that the reason you need to take so much of this product in order to see any real benefits is the quality of the ingredients can’t be all that high.  You would be better off buying from one of the many other beard supplement suppliers out there.

Do you have a beard product you want us to review? Mention it in the comments and we’ll give you a no holds bar – real review.

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