7 Beard Conditioner Tips


Looking for beard conditioner tips? You’ve come to the right place.

Best conditioner for beards

If you’re like me, you’ve probably done a lot of experimenting in your search for the best conditioner for beards. I used to feel like I was led around by the nose from one product or treatment to the next, without finding any real cure for what ailed me: a damn itchy beard.

I did a ton of research and methodically tried dozens of products and treatments. After lots of trial and error, I found some products – and some routines – that worked in getting my beard into shape. Now it’s glossy, feels smooth as silk and never itches. Ever.  

How did I do it? Glad you asked. After all that research I decided to create a list of what I’d learned. Read on, my lucky fellow beardsman, to learn the best ways to get your beard feeling and looking its best.

7 Beard Conditioner Tips

1. Learn Why Your Beard Needs Conditioning

Best conditioner for beards

Before we go any further, you’ll need to know why your beard is feeling rough and scratchy in the first place. The reason, in most cases, is because it’s dry. Also, if you haven’t been caring for it, it probably has lots of knots and split ends. These rough, dry, frazzled beard hairs rub against the skin and cause a vicious itch.

Another issue is the delicate skin beneath your beard. Facial skin is far more sensitive than just about anywhere else on your body, including your scalp. And it can be prone to dryness, sitting under that beard.

That’s especially true if you haven’t been caring for your beard. Often the skin under a neglected beard cries out for exfoliation and moisturizing. Dead skin cells, if left on your face, can attach to the hair follicles and lead to even more irritation and itching.

Why Baby Your Beard?

Besides your health and comfort, there are other reasons to coddle your beard. One of the most important is its appearance. An ignored beard will look listless and dull. Just like you know who. You might as well shave it off instead of walking around with a beard that looks crappy and abused. Why even have one?     

The best way to handle these dual problems of itching and appearance is to treat the dryness and dead skin. How? By exfoliating the skin and using beard conditioners.

Now that you know what the problem is, you can start hitting the bottle. Wait… What? Yes, I know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, but dammit, Jim, you’ve got a beard to pamper. The bottles I’m talking about are bottles of beard shampoo and conditioner. But first, let’s get that skin squared away.

2. Exfoliate Your Facial Skin

Best conditioner for beards

The easiest way to exfoliate your facial skin without using a power sander is with a good beard comb like this one. I use this comb because I have a thick beard and the wide teeth do a good job of plowing through all that hair to the skin underneath. If you don’t have a thick beard, you may want a comb with finer teeth.

The point is, you can use a comb to exfoliate the dead skin cells beneath your beard. I do it in the shower, so the water rinses away the exfoliated skin. Another benefit of running a comb through your beard is to remove any excess oil or shampoo residues that build up. Those residues can contribute to itching and even cause skin rashes.

If left untreated, the residues and dead skin can quickly lead to beard dandruff, which can be nasty and hard to cure. That alone is worth the effort of combing your beard.

For more info, check out Eric Bandholz explaining the best way to comb your beard. It’s a good tutorial, especially for newbie-beardsmen unfamiliar with combsmanship.

3. Use Beard-Specific Shampoo

Best conditioner for beards

The first step in eliminating beard and skin dryness is to condition both using a top beard shampoo like this one. This beard-specific shampoo will not only clean and moisturize your beard, but also moisturize the skin underneath. I like this product because it has all natural ingredients and does a good job.

Do not under any circumstances use the same shampoo and conditioner you use on your head. Trust me, chief, don’t use those products on your beard. They can contain harsh detergents and chemicals that can dry out your beard, not to mention your facial skin.

In this YouTube video, a dude shows how to wash a beard with beard shampoo. He takes his time to massage the shampoo into his beard. That’s exactly how to get it done.

4. Use Beard-Specific Conditioner

Best conditioner for beards

Okay, my bearded buddy, this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s all about getting your beard and facial skin re-hydrated and put back into shape. It turns out nothing does that faster than a top quality beard conditioner.

After you’ve exfoliated your facial skin with a comb, shampoo it immediately with beard shampoo. Finally, apply a good beard conditioner. I’ve used these conditioners and they all do the job, so it boils down to personal preference. Here are three of my favorites:  

These three conditioners are for use only on beards. There are hundreds of other beard conditioners available online and in stores that you can try. Frankly, you can’t go wrong with most of them.

Just don’t take the easy way out and use the same conditioner on your beard that you use on your head. Dude, just don’t. That crap will only make your beard worse.

There is no such thing as head hair conditioner that also works on beards. Head hair and beard hair are two completely different kinds of hair and require separate products.

5. Use Beard Oil

Best conditioner for beards

The use of beard oil is so essential to conditioning your beard that it will piss me off if you don’t use it. Think about it, dude. If the reason you’re reading this post is that you have a dry beard and need to learn how to fix it, why would you defy me and not use a good beard oil? Why?

Damn right you don’t have an answer. Ok, let’s move on to an oil I recommend for your beard. I like this one because it does a good job, is 100% natural, and doesn’t cost a fortune, especially for the quantity you get. No matter what oil you choose, use it daily.

6. Use Beard Balm

Best conditioner for beards

You may think beard oil and balm have the same purpose and are interchangeable. Well, you’re wrong, damn your eyes. Beard oil is always a liquid and beard balm is always thick, waxy pomade.

Yes, you can use either product to moisturize and condition your beard. Except that balms primarily shape your beard, and oils are only for moisturizing. Ergo, you should be using beard oil unless you also want to shape your beard, in which case you should use the balm. The logic is flawless, is it not?

If you’ve got a big beard and wake up every morning with bed-beard, you need a good beard balm. I use this one because I need to keep my beard hair pointed in one direction instead of 50, and this does the trick very nicely.

For more info about the pros and cons of beard oils and beard balms, here’s Eric Bandholz. He does an excellent job of explaining the merits of each.

7. Brush Your Beard

Best conditioner for beards

One of the best ways to condition your beard and get it feeling soft is to brush it daily. Besides making your beard glossy and supple, brushing also spreads the oils, balms, and conditioners throughout your beard. I like this beard brush because it helps tame my thick beard and makes it feel soft.

Finding the right beard brush is personal, and depends a lot on the size of your beard. As you look for a brush that works for you, keep in mind that you’ll usually get the best results with a horse hair or boar’s hair brush.

There you have it, my bearded soul brother, the best ways to condition your beard. I hope you’ve found this information useful.

The main thing to remember: If you’re dealing with a dry, itchy beard, keep it moisturized. And the best way to do that is to use beard-specific shampoos and conditioners. You should also use a good beard oil every day.

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