Coconut Oil for Beard Grooming: What You’re Missing


Coconut oil has made it into the mainstream as a kind of cure-all. Lots of people swear by it as a moisturizer, of course, but people are putting it in their smoothies and in their coffee in hopes of fighting heart disease, thyroid disease, and Alzheimer’s. So naturally our question is: how can I use coconut oil for beard grooming?

What is it?

So first off, what exactly is coconut oil? Basically, it’s oil obtained by pressing the white ‘meat’ of a fresh coconut. You should look for unrefined or ‘extra-virgin’ coconut oil, which is extracted mechanically and is not chemically treated. It has a stronger scent than refined coconut oil, which is extracted from dried, otherwise unusable coconut meat. Like butter or lard, it’s solid at room temperature and has a long shelf life.

Why Should I Use It On My Beard?

It’s Hydrating

Hydration is key to having a full beard. Your beard and the skin underneath can get very dry, especially in the winter. Once things dry out, you end up with a big, gross, snarly beard from the split ends, itchy skin, dandruff – all kinds of nasty stuff. And it’s not like you can hide it under a hat. Coconut oil will help you out by deeply hydrating your beard itself and the skin underneath, similar to a beard oil. In fact, lots of beard oils list coconut oil as one of their first ingredients.

Basically: More moisture = less breakage = more beard.

It’s Antibacterial


The beard itself acts as a filtration system, just like your nose hairs do. There is some evidence coconut oil itself has antibacterial properties. Between the two, you’ve got a powerful way of making sure the bacteria making everybody else sick never hits your mucus membranes. So in a way, coconut oil in your beard actually makes you invincible.

It Smells Great

Beards can get kinda dank. They absorb some sweat from day to day life and catch skin flakes and food crumbs. Washing helps, obviously, but sometimes you can’t just dunk your whole face in the sink. Coconut oil gives you a light, tropical smell and some of that antibacterial action to freshen your beard up in a pinch.

Bonus: It’s Easy to Find

Coconut oil is everywhere right now. It’s easy to find unrefined coconut oil in major retailers, specialty food stores, and there’s a good chance if you don’t already have a tub, your significant other has some in the house. You can buy a lot of it for relatively little, and it has a ton of other household uses.

How Do I Apply It?

Just rub it in, right? Not quite. Ideally, you want to rub it into your beard after a shower, while it’s still damp. You want to get it down to the skin to trap moisture there, and pull the oil through the rest of your beard, ideally distributing it using a brush.

So there you have it: You should definitely be using coconut oil for beard grooming. It’s cheap, it’s accessible, it smells amazing, and it keeps you from getting sick. Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments!


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