Fat Savage Beard Oil Review


What is beard oil and why should I put it in my beard?

Beard oil seems to be all the rage these days.  Browse a website as a man and you will be accosted with at least one ad stating that your beard needs attention. As an owner of a fine beard myself I am always curious as to what beard products someone is trying to sell me today.

fat savage beard oil review

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is, surprise, an oil-based liquid that is designed to accomplish a few things depending on the ingredients of the beard oil.

  1. Tame wild beards
  2. Increase beard follicle and skin health
  3. Increase the look of the beard
  4. Help the underlying skin with exfoliation

Recently I have come across many different ads for beard oil.  So, naturally, I checked out a few of them.  Most recently I saw the Fat Savage Beard Oil.  This one not only looked different in its packaging (the actual delivery bottle itself) but also in the ingredients used for the oil. My wife is a huge proponent for coconut oil and it’s many benefits so I figured what the hell.

After checking it out on Amazon I decided to purchase a bottle and give this new style of oil the good old college try.  So I ordered it and a few days later it arrived.

Packaging and Unboxing

Honestly, the packaging didn’t really blow me away. It was the standard bubble mailer. I was, however, very surprised by the bottle itself. I’ve seen droppers and shaker bottles for beard oil before but never a pump bottle.  I was very interested to test it out but my bloodhound-like nose wasn’t going to just slap this on without the good ol’ sniff test first.  I unscrewed the top and took a whiff and was pleasantly surprised.  The smell is clean and cologne-like without being over powering.


First Use

I wasn’t sure if I should squirt it directly into my beard or onto my hand first.  The directions say to shake well and work a dime size portion into my beard.  I opted for measuring in my hand first and it’s a good thing I did.  The pump sends out the oil in a stream rather than a mist.

Working it into my beard wasn’t too difficult however getting it all the way down to my skin under my beard was tough. This would be a great product to use with a beard brush or comb to help get it all the way under my big beard.

Spread through our office

I gave the Fat Savage Beard Oil to other bearded guys in our office and I got some of the following bits of feedback:

"The smell is awesome.  It's not so 'in your face' that I'll want to shave my beard off to get rid of it." - Matt
"I like that my beard feels smoother when I run my hands through it after using it for a few days." - Vince
"My beard makes me look like a Viking God after using this." - Dale

As you can see, our office is a huge fan of beards and making them look and feel good.

Pros / Cons

I liked the cologne-like smell and the ease of use of using the pump to get the oil out of the bottle. The fact that the bottle isn’t glass makes it easier to travel with as well.  Some other beard oils are in little glass containers and that requires too much care to ensure they don’t break.

While I like the pump, I don’t like that the oil comes out in a stream.  It’s hard to get it down to the skin under my beard without touching the oil with my hands and if I try to spray it directly on my beard it makes a huge mess.  The oil hits one small part of my beard and runs off and down my shirt if I’m not quick enough to stick my hand up and catch any falling oil.  Spraying the oil directly on your hands leaves some of the oil there instead of in your beard leaving them greasy.

What my wife says

Let’s be honest, while I may think I’m the master of my domain; when it comes to the ruler of the house, it’s my wife.  She has the ultimate say on the smell and feel of my beard since I am really only interested in if she’s willing to get close to me.

Direct from my wife’s mouth:

“I like the way it makes your beard soft.  It smells very manly and makes me want to snuggle up close and play with it. I also like that it helps keep it from looking scraggly and unkempt.”


The unique looking bottle and delivery system makes it stand out from the competition.  The scent is subtle enough that most men shouldn’t have an issue with it. We like that it’s not a glass bottle since some of us travel a lot.  However, the stream that comes out of the pump top is a little strong to put directly in your beard making it a little difficult to get all the way down to your underlying skin. Also, let’s face it; anything that you put directly on your face reduces your manliness by a small factor, but the benefit to your beard increases the awesomeness dramatically.

Give Fat Savage Beard Oil a shot and we are sure that you won’t regret it. If you try them, leave a comment for us to let us know what you thought.

We were given Fat Savage Beard Oil at a discount to provide this review.  
Our review is solely based on our real life opinion and in no way altered 
because of the discounted price.
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