How to Fix Bald Spots on a Beard


Think there’s no way to fix bald spots on a beard? Think again.

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard

Bald spots on a beard are problems I’ve wrestled with my whole life – or since I was old enough to grow a beard, anyway. As it turns out, this has pretty much everything to do with my genetic makeup. Those same genes that gave me brown eyes and a decent pitching arm also gave me a skimpy beard.

But a couple of years ago I learned some great tips for getting my beard to look a lot fuller. And since I’m familiar with the embarrassment of wearing a patchy beard, I thought I’d share my tips with any of you guys who suffer from the same problem.

7 Ways to fix bald spots on a beard

1. Relax and be patient

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard
Sit back, relax and let nature take its course. All beards, even the heaviest and thickest, need time to fill in. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re going to have a dazzling, manly beard after only a couple of weeks. It doesn’t happen that way.

There are lots of men who misjudge their beard’s ability to fill in bald spots, given enough growing time. They figure their beard will not produce enough hair to fill in the patchy areas. Their response is to shave off their beards.

You should let your beard grow, without any interference from you, for at least four weeks. That means no “touch up” trimming or any other messing with it. Just leave it alone.

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard

2. Grow a really long beard

As we said, patience goes a long way in helping you end up with a thicker beard. But here’s where patience really pays off: grow yourself a long beard. I’m talking about growing a beard for four to six months, or even longer before you trim it. Why would you do that? Because the longer the beard, the better it will fill in the bald areas.

3. Trim and brush your beard in a way that covers bald spots

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard
Yes, your beard has bald spots. Those spots have less hair, obviously, than the non-bald areas. This means if you trim your beard evenly you’ll be exposing those bald areas. The solution is to trim your beard, but leave the hair around the bald spots a bit longer. Then brush the longer hair over the bald spots as much as possible. This will help reduce the size of the non-bearded areas. Simple, right?

Besides trimming unevenly, another tip is not to over-trim your beard. This is one of the biggest mistakes guys make. If you have a patchy beard, hair is your friend.

Because you’re using your beard hair to cover patchy areas, the last thing you should do is remove too much hair. Just trim the hair that causes a problem if it’s too long, like around your mouth. The bottom line is to use common sense when trimming around a patchy beard.

4. Get healthy and stay healthy

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard
Make sure you get plenty of exercise. Shedding excess weight and building muscle will crank up your testosterone level. And your testosterone level has a big effect on how much facial hair you have.

Yes, genetics plays the biggest role in how full your beard is, but testosterone also plays a role. How? By helping you generate hair growth. The more testosterone you sport, the more hair you have. Here are other things to do right now:

Run and lift moderate weights.

This kind of exercise will help build up your testosterone level. And as we know, when it comes to facial hair, testosterone is magic juice.

Reduce your stress levels.

Researchers tell us that stress can cause hair loss. I like meditation for helping me relax. Try and see if it helps you lower your stress quotient.

Get enough sack time.

Getting enough sleep goes hand-in-hand with lowering stress. Sleep will help your cells regenerate. You should try for seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

Eat healthy.

Your diet is critically important to the health of your body in general and your beard in particular. Your hair thrives on protein, so you should be eating lots of fish, chicken, pork, lean beef and eggs. You should also eat lots of healthy fats, like nuts, whole butter and cheese. Don’t forget to eat lots of green leafy vegetables, and be sure to avoid junk food in any form.

5. Take a supplement

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard
Supplements are an excellent way to get the vitamins your beard needs to look its best. Biotin is one of the most important supplements you can take for beard growth. Other supplements include all the B-vitamins, vitamin D, and beta-carotene.

A multivitamin I like because it seems to help me grow a fuller, thicker beard is Beard Grow XL. This is a supplement you can find in health food stores as well as online sites like Amazon.

6. Try Minoxidil

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard
Minoxidil is a hair growth compound found in products like Rogaine. It started out as a medicine for high blood pressure but changed direction after patients suddenly started growing lots of extra hair. You can find this product online and in most drug stores.

This product was developed to be used topically on the scalp to grow head hair. Recently men have been using it to improve the thickness of their facial hair, although that is not the product’s intended use.

Before trying Minoxidil, check out our article about Rogaine for beard growth, so you understand what’s involved. You should also take a look at User Reviews for Minoxidil before making a decision about using it.

7. Facial Hair Transplant

Fix Bald Spots on a Beard
You should think long and hard before jumping on the transplant bandwagon. This step is for guys who absolutely, positively must have a full beard, and have money to burn. This procedure runs about $7000 and maybe even higher, depending on who you use.

In this full-blown surgical procedure, hair is removed from the back of your head and placed on your face. The process takes about five to six hours. This is serious stuff we’re talking about, so make sure you check out what’s involved before you decide to take this giant step into beard surgery.

These are some of the tips I’ve learned about fixing bald spots on a beard. I hope this info has given you some ideas about how to get a thicker beard and fill in those troublesome bald areas.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this post below in the comments section. And if you found it useful be sure to share it with your friends.

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