How does biotin make hair grow faster?


Biotin seems to be all the rage lately, keep reading to see how it helps your beard.

does biotin make hair grow faster


Multiple studies have shown evidence supporting the assertion that Biotin will aid in hair growth, especially facial hair. Though most people have never heard of it, Biotin is a nutrient essential for all human beings. It is a water-soluble vitamin (Vitamin B7, to be specific), and like all B vitamins it is used by the body to help break carbohydrates down into glucose. Glucose is then used by the body to grow new hair cells, as well as skin cells and other kinds of cells necessary for thick, healthy facial hair. But does biotin make hair grow faster?

Because Biotin is water-soluble, the body doesn’t store it. That’s both good news and bad news for anyone using biotin for beard growth.

The Good: Because water-soluble vitamins aren’t stored, your body is going to put as much Biotin as possible to use as soon as you take it. With other supplements, there is a chance of waste because excess vitamins from other sources might either be stored in cells that don’t need them, or expelled through the urine. With Biotin, there is little to no risk of that. Your body will absorb as much of the Biotin as it can and put it all of it to immediate use.

The Bad: Because Biotin is not stored by the body, you can find yourself running short of this essential nutrient fairly quickly. You may not even realize you’re low because the symptoms are things you’ve just gotten used to. Consider whether you have experienced any of the following:

  • Slow beard growth, or no growth at all
  • Patchy, uneven beard growth
  • Dry skin and/or “beard itch”
  • Cracked, unhealthy skin

If you don’t get Biotin every day, your body can’t build new hair cells, and the ones already built become brittle and unhealthy. Natural hair growth will become stunted, patchy, even halt completely. According to WebMD there is no way to test for a Biotin deficiency, so the only way to tell is by seeing one of the symptoms of a lack of Biotin.

Biotin has been proven to substantially increase beard hair growth and beard thickness. It’s also beneficial to the subcutaneous cells from which hair is grown, just below the surface of the skin on your face. This is what makes Biotin an important supplement to any good beard.

Of course, it’s still just one piece of a larger complex of nutrients. I’ll be exploring the others in greater detail in later articles. For now, I can tell you that Beard Czar’s Facial Hair Complex provides Biotin in bulk, as well as a variety of other helpful supplements that combine into the most effective recipe for natural beard growth available on the market.

If you take protein for muscle building, zinc for your prostate, or Vitamin C to fight a cold, then you understand how certain nutrients can naturally and efficiently improve a particular body function.

In summary: does biotin make hair grow faster? Yes. Your beard needs Biotin like a car needs gas. If you want to know how to make a beard grow fast, you need only remember the simplest rule of how to make a car go fast: Step 1, put fuel in it.

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