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how to grow your beard faster

Now that Winter’s here, you may need to know how to grow a beard faster than you would in the spring. For most guys, the highlight of the fall and winter facial-hair season is “No-Shave November” or Movember, when clean-shaven men around the country and the world put down their razors for an entire month. Not that most men make it that long, of course–a few weeks in and most guys have been overcome by an itchy neck or patchy beard and cut the whole wispy thing off.   

For other guys, cooler weather indicates a shift in facial hair styles. My dad always wore a mustache, but come fall he’d expand it into a beard. Next spring, the hair would retreat to his upper lip, a yearly cycle almost as reliable as the seasons themselves.

Now, whether you’ve decided to grow a full beard from scratch or simply to expand a current style, you’re probably interested in learning how to grow your beard faster. The faster your beard grows, the quicker you can reach your “finished product” look; you’ll also spend a shorter time in the horribly itchy stubble stage. This tutorial will take you through a list of tips, hints, and general knowledge to help you grow your beard faster.

It’s helpful to remember that your beard growth rate depends on your general health.  We’ll start by looking at several tips that focus on your general health and then move into specifics for your beard.

Taking Care of Your Health is a Key Part of How To Grow a Beard Faster

1.  Sleep Well

This step may seem slightly unusual, but there’s a surprising link between getting the proper amount of sleep and being able to grow your beard quickly. By resting well, you allow your body the time it needs to replenish skin and hair cells. Your body does this naturally when you sleep, so make sure you get extended sack time if you’re looking to maximize beard growth.

2.  Eat Well

Another part of setting the right stage for optimum growth is to eat well. This doesn’t just mean “avoiding carbs and junk foods.”  This ties into the first point above–your body needs the right tools to build and rebuild skin and hair cells. For beards, this means consuming more protein as well as a variety of hair growth enhancing vitamins and minerals. Good sources of beard-growing nutrition include fish, lean red meats, and vegetables like spinach and peppers. These foods provide protein as well as omega oils and vitamins A and D. Another benefit of eating for optimum beard growth is being a good diet for your overall health, which is no coincidence. Fueling your body with the right vitamins and protein will boost your overall health and enable your body to grow your beard faster.

3.  Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise boosts blood flow, which again will help your body rejuvenate skin and hair cells faster. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, but a simple, regular fitness routine will boost your beard growth that much more. Exercise prompts your body to produce more testosterone, a hormone that among other things is responsible for hair growth. 

Shaving Your Beard

4.  Chill Out

The old legend of a sudden shock turning your hair gray is probably just that – a myth. However, while stress in the normal, everyday sense of the word may not cause all your hair to fall out, it is best to avoid stressing your hair. According to WebMD, this means avoiding major illnesses, high fevers, and sudden, dramatic weight loss. All of these issues frequently accompany major instances of stress in our lives and may cause hair loss or hinder hair growth. If you’re looking to grow your beard as fast as possible, keeping yourself in good health is vital for lowering the stress on your body and on your beard.

With proper nutrition, rest, and exercise, you’ll have the best canvas for your beard–and you’ll be best prepared for rapid growth. Now, let’s look at some more specific tips for your face and beard.

5.  Keep a clean face.

Cleaning your face properly is essential for maximum beard growth, but it’s a step that is easily overlooked. Too many guys either forget to wash their face regularly, or they use soaps that may dry out their face or leave a residue behind. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser, particularly when your beard is shorter. Consider one like this one. Once your beard gets into the stubble stage, or if you have oilier skin, consider something a little tougher. The Honest Amish company makes a beard-and-body soap that might work well for you. The goal with this step is to keep your face not just clean but properly nourished as well, not dried out. And remember to avoid any cleanser that contains microbeads, which are environmentally harmful.


6.  Commit to your beard.

Remember No-Shave November? For many men, that usually lasts only the first couple weeks of the month. Then the beard starts to itch or the hair doesn’t come in as thick as they hoped, and out comes that razor. The truth is that you can probably grow a better beard faster than you realize. But you need to keep with it. Once you’ve started growing your beard, don’t stop halfway through. Need some extra encouragement?  Check out these insights from a professional barber, courtesy of the Telegraph.

7.  Fake It ’till It Grows

Maybe your beard isn’t growing like a weed, or maybe you’re got a wedding to attend and you don’t want to show up with a scraggly beard. Don’t fret, there are a couple ways to make your beard seem a bit longer than it actually is. First, remember to use proper grooming, even early on. A clean, well-trimmed beard will nearly always seem longer than a thin, unkempt one. Plus, trimming parts of your beard will make the rest appear longer. This is particularly useful for the mustachioed men among us; a quick shave of the body of your beard will make your mustache really stand out. Along with this tip goes another one–work within the limitations of your own facial hair. You’ll know what you can grow best, be it a goatee, chinstrap beard, or mustache. Trim your beard to what fits you, and it will appear longer and fuller.  



Know your own beard limits, and work with them: you’ll wind up with a beard that appears longer, fuller, and better groomed because of it.  

Following the eight steps we’ve listed above will help your beard grow faster and appear fuller and healthier. But there are some additional tips you may want to consider. These won’t apply to everyone, but they may give you the extra edge you need.

8. Stop Smoking

Now, I know that old photos of bearded gents with a pipe in hand seem common and sophisticated, but the truth is that smoking and growing a beard don’t go together as well as you might think. Smoking a cigarette will slow the growth of your beard, in addition to possibly turning it gray. Some men can get away with it, but if you’re looking to speed up the growth of your beard, now is as good a time as any to kick the habit. 


9. Take a Vitamin

Consider taking a good multivitamin or a biotin supplement. Biotin, one of the B vitamins, contributes to healthy skin and hair. The exact science regarding whether or not taking biotin will help your beard grow faster is still a bit shaky, and the best way to get your vitamins is still through your diet (as we explored above). Nevertheless, for some men, a good biotin supplement or multivitamin may be just the way to go.  Read more about the benefits of biotin here.

10. Use the right products

Add a specialized oil. There are a number of special oils that help boost beard growth.  The list below is drawn from a number of sources, including WebMD; think about which one you’d prefer to use.

  • Amla oil–Amla, or Indian gooseberry, has a long history of use as a hair tonic.  Today, amla oil is still widely used to increase hair growth and prevent premature aging. The oil can be used singly but is often used with mustard leaves, which are either added to the oil and applied to the face or used in a paste.
  • Eucalyptus oil–With a very distinctive scent, some people love using eucalyptus oil and some find the smell too much. Eucalyptus oil can’t be applied directly to the skin and is usually diluted in a carrier oil to promote hair growth.
  • Cinnamon can be incorporated into your beard diet too. You can also use cinnamon powder to make a paste for your face.

11. Massage your face.

After showering, gently massage your chin and face. The massage will help increase blood flow to your skin, in turn promoting facial hair growth.


Approach your beard speed boost in two ways. First, give your body all the tools it needs to produce a healthy beard fast; this means getting proper rest, keeping up your fitness, and eating right. After laying the right foundation, use different tricks to help your beard keep growing fast.  Keep a clean face and above all–stay committed!

This tutorial is not an exhaustive one, but I hope you’ve found some good tips in here for your own beard boost. Different steps may work better for you–there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to something as individual as your beard. Personally, I find that keeping my beard clean helps a lot; when I don’t take care of it as well, my beard falls out more easily and grows thinner.  When I clean my beard regularly and get a good night’s rest, my beard shows the difference.  Had any similar experiences with your own beard-growing adventures? Tell us in the comments below–and as always, give us some feedback on the tips!!!

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