How To Grow A Ducktail Beard


Grow, Trim, Groom and Maintain. Like the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, all of these stages are needed to keep your beard styled. Keep reading to find out how to grow a ducktail beard.

I oftentimes find myself wondering what to do with my beard once I have put in the work to obtain it. Do I shave it and start over? Do I trim it? Perhaps I could go for the Yeard and just not touch it for a year, but I think I am feeling classy. Just like wearing a suit, spiffing up your beard can have a very influential impact on your appearance. Here I will deliver all the bits you need to know if you are looking to prepare and shape something of that caliber. In particular, we will be looking at the ducktail beard. This is a style that is both professional and clean, all while maintaining that full bearded look.

The ducktail maintains most of the thickness and does not eliminate any connecting areas of your beard. So don’t be worried about losing that manly touch of a full beard. To better clarify what the ducktail looks like, let’s take a look and make sure this is where you want to be.

How To Grow A Ducktail Beard

The style calls for a shorter cut around the jaw and gradually comes to a point under the chin. Typically, another identifier of the style are the two shaved spots below the lower lip. Additionally, the high cheek is shaved to a clean line pointing towards the chin, giving it a kempt, symmetrical look. Observing the beards features makes the aforementioned clear; this beard sports all the vibes of manly, classy, and professional.

Why the Ducktail:

Besides the cool look, the ducktail can have its advantages. It can be a good look for those who don’t grow thicker hair on the high cheek area or below the lower lip, like myself:


As you can see, the facial hair just beneath my lips just doesn’t grow in as thick as other places. The best I can do there is grow a soul patch, which I actually like sporting when I don’t have a full beard going on. Additionally, the ducktail style tends to have a cut quite low. This is yet another part of the style you might take advantage of, if your facial hair doesn’t maintain its fullness high on the face. In other words, the nature of this cut can work in your favor.

What You Will Need:

If you already have all you need to begin i.e. a full beard, congratulations! You are very close to obtaining the goal already. Stay tuned, though, the following tips are good knowledge for any man concerned about having a well grown and maintained beard. If you are already in the know-how of keeping your beard, you may wish to skim down to the section labeled, Let’s Trim!.

If you are just beginning your journey, this information is particularly important for obtaining a stylized beard, as there is more to it from the starting line.

The Starting Line:

There is a phase to pass through before we are at the point of trimming. So, let’s make the end-goal for this phase clear. You are going to need to grow a full beard first, not a huge beard, but something that has decent length and fullness. As the ducktail beard is a style that requires a decent amount of facial hair present, you will need something to work with. I have provided a photo to give you a decent idea of what you will need.


Keep in mind, you needn’t grow a beard just like this guys. The main thing you will need, though, is length. As the ducktail beard goes from short around the jaw to long at the chin, you will need the length to create a gradual tilt in your beard so it comes to a point.

How are we going to obtain this goal? First and foremost, we need to have an understanding of the process. If we succumb to frustration and shave our beards, all will be for not.

A frustrating matter can be not seeing the results you expect. Know this: not everyone grows beards the same. I know it can be disheartening once you’ve been growing for a while, but keep at it and you will get there.

People like you and me probably aren’t growing beards for modeling, and there will be days where that feeling is more obvious than others. There will be days when you feel like cutting your beard, days it looks bad, and so on. Everyone has these days, even guys that have epic beards. I have provided below a video that might help you get through these rough times:


So, point being, don’t expect your beard to look great all the time like all those beards in pictures you see, especially not right off the bat. We are real people here and our expectations should be real. There will be good days and bad days, such is life.

Two very realistic matters to consider when growing a beard are: age and genetics. To grow a thorough beard, you will most likely need to be in your twenties or later. However, each person is unique. Therefore our beards are going to be inherently different and will also be affected by time differently.

Regardless of age and genetics, there are steps we need to take to ensure a full beard comes through looking good and healthy. What you can do to make your beard stand out and ensure that you will be ready for styling when the time comes, is to learn how to properly care for your facial hair. This is going to be key in getting to our end-goal mentioned before. The video below will give us a better idea of exactly what to expect, and what we will need when deciding to swear off the razor.


Let’s Review:

  • Being realistic
  • Time, patience, and endurance.

Growing a beard takes these things, it takes months to get substantial facial hair, and the whole process isn’t the kindest! So, keep this in mind and be strong, you can do it!

  • You need to care. You don’t want your beard to just look like forgetfulness, remember that.
  • Don’t forget to shampoo it (remember you can use what you already have)
  • Don’t forget to comb it (using a wide comb, a tight comb will pull your hairs out, not good)
  • Products to keep the hair soft and looking good (Beard oil)

All these factors are all going to be present in growing a beard, that is, if you want something that doesn’t look like a birds nest on your face. By utilizing cleaning products, oils, and so on, you can better obtain a fuller beard. When it comes time to shape your beard up, you’ll be glad you took the extra steps to ensure the prime outcome.

Let’s Trim!

Don’t be afraid to cut your own beard! I know the idea of giving yourself a hair-cut can be intimidating. Relax! Flaws trimming the beard are much easier to deal with than the ones you might have trying to cut the hair on your head. Plus, with all the instruction you will find here you should be fine.

What You Will Need:

To begin trimming we are going to need more than what is typically used for beard maintenance i.e. the razor. We will need a comb, a pair of shears (not the ones from your kitchen), and a beard trimmer.

There are many ways to trim the beard, and none of them is something to do on the fly. So, don’t attempt this unless you have a good moment to yourself. You don’t want to rush yourself and have to start the process over because of some rushed trimming. Be extra careful when using the beard trimmers, as it is possible for the settings to have changed since the last time you used it i.e. your children or anyone could’ve altered it by mistake since your last use. Also, it just takes off more hair in general. Below I have shared a few links to some quality products you will need.

-Beard comb – Check out these combs from amazon or this comb from

-Beard trimmers – Here is a list of the best beard trimmers on Amazon

-Beard shears – Again, check out


A good thing to remember going into this is: measure twice, cut once.

I would start this process out by taking a shower and ensuring that your beard is clean, and make sure your beard is dry before beginning. Air drying is preferable, but using a towel is no biggie. While some people use blow dryers, there is talk of that damaging your hair, so use this tactic at your own risk. Once you have a clean and dry beard, you are ready to go.

  1. You are going to want to ensure that your neck beard is under control. By doing this, you will define your jawline and get rid of the all undesirable neck beard. This clean look on your neck is a key point in having a good looking beard, no matter what style you are going for.
  2. You are going to want to lower the cheek-line of your beard. Using your trimmers, carefully bring them down below your lips. Remember to maintain symmetry! Keep both sides even and straight edged.
  3. You will want to trim up your mustache. While having a longer mustache may accompany some styles well, it is not typically for this one. We are going for professional and clean. By giving it a level cut on the lip line, you will successfully have a mustache worthy of this style.
  4. We are going to need to make the ‘U’ shapes under the bottom lip. Take your trimmer and carefully do so. Refer to the animated picture at the beginning of the article if you need a visual.

How to trim your neck-line:

At this point, you have most of the essential identifiers of the ducktail completed. The last step is to give it the pointed shape with a gradual tilt towards the front. You will leave the longest hairs under the chin.

Using the wide end of a comb, brush out all of your beard hairs until they are as straight as can be. By extending the hairs you will expose the different lengths that will be in your beard, as hairs grow at different speeds. Using your trimmer begin to shorten the hairs close to the jaw and work your way forward, leaving the longest hairs under the chin. Once you have the lengths you would like, you will then want to cut off stragglers.  This makes the beard appear thicker and less wispy. Comb out your hairs again, and with your shears, make sure the symmetry of your beard is correct and make sure there are not stragglers.


Now that we have completed the trimming and shaping, it is time to maintain the hard work we’ve just put in. This part will essentially consist of using the shears as well as your trimmer to maintain the lines and length of your beard. Provided below is a video to help give you an idea of how this goes down:

Maintaining your beard:


Hopefully everything will go according to plan as you style your beard! And I most certainly hope that I was of use to you. If so, don’t forget to let me know in the comments! And don’t forget, if you do make a mistake, beards do grow back. Don’t sweat it if you have to go for something else due to an error. Enjoy your beard!

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