7 Killer Tips for Growing a Klingon Beard



There are a TON of different beard styles out there, many of which originated from specific persons or groups of people.  So you’ve got your Viking beards and your Amish beards, and even beards named after individuals, like the Dali.  

The Klingon Beard is a combo of both, representing a group of (fictional) people, and the specific style worn by an individual.  Most famously, it’s the style of facial hair commonly worn by the character Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  As a huge fan of the show, I’ve always really liked the look of the Klingon beard.  It doesn’t require a lot of facial hair, but it can be a bit tricky to pull off; so we’ve assembled a list of 7 killer tips for growing a Klingon beard for you.  Follow these, and discover a new and very fun beard style.

#1: Let it Grow (for a month)

First step is to not touch your beard with a razor for about a month.  Just let the whole thing grow, sideburns, neck, the works.  Well, you can shave the neck a bit if you wish; it’s not as vital to the overall look.  But in general, just let everything go.  You’re interested more in creating a canvas on which to work.  After three or four weeks, you should have enough stubble to do two things.  First, you’ll be able to clearly see where your facial hair grows (and if a Klingon-style beard will even work for you), and second, when you do trim the stubble into the beard, it will really pop.  You’ll go from “kinda scraggly” to “wowzers!” right away.  Interested in some extra tips for the first month of growth?  Check out this post from a beginner’s perspective.

While your beard grows, be looking for thin patches, longer bits, etc.  You’re just trying to get an idea of how your beard grows, to see if it will fit with the Klingon beard style.

#2.  Buy a Beard Trimmer

For a lot of beard styles, a trimmer really isn’t necessary.  And it’s not absolutely vital for the Klingon beard, BUT . . . you’ll find that keeping your beard looking truly sharp will be infinitely easier with a good set of electric trimmers.  The Klingon beard features a lot of relatively thin lines of facial hair, so any mistake tends to be very noticeable.  A trimmer will help cut down (pun intended) on a lot of your mistakes and keep those lines looking extra-sharp.  Check out a list of beard trimmers here, and also take note of the popular models on Amazon.  Read some reviews, and pick one that suits you; with the Klingon beard, you’ll be getting a lot of use out of your trimmer.

Now, you can grow a Klingon beard without a trimmer, but with a normal razor, you’ll have to be extra-careful not to slip and cut into the thin lines that define the Klingon beard.

#3.  Choose Your Look

After a month of growth, you’ll have a good idea of what your face is capable of growing. Now, before you do any trimming, you’ll need to decide what and where to cut.  Like most beard styles, there are very few hard-and-fast rules as to what constitutes a Klingon beard. The only major rules are that the upper lip, directly below the nose, be clean-shaven.  In the various TV series and movies, many Klingons wear this look with an otherwise full beard, but Worf, arguably the character who really wore the beard the best, wears it in a goatee.  Check out the pictures below to explain.


Klingon Beard | Image via thetrektrek.com
Klingon Beard | Image via thetrektrek.com

Klingon Beard Variant A, “The Worf Classic.”

Note how, in this picture, only the area directly beneath the nose is shaven.  Otherwise, the beard would be a normal goatee.  

Klingon Beard | Image via thethreeRs.com
Klingon Beard | Image via thethreeRs.com


Klingon Beard Variant B, “Sans-Mustache”

In this style, the mustache is nearly completely gone; a lot of modern interpretations of the beard remove it entirely, keeping only the chinstrap up to the corners of the lips.  



Klingon Beard | Image via Wahl
Klingon Beard | Image via Wahl

Whichever style you choose, you’ll need to have a clear idea of what you want your beard to look like, before going on to the next step.  As with any new beard style, be sure that you know what you can and can’t grow, before you try out a brand-new look.  I’d love to grow the Klingon beard, but my chinstrap line is particularly thin, and the hair around my mouth comes in very light-colored.  I might be able to grow the modern variation of the Klingon beard, but the Worf Classic would not work; the ends of my mustache would be barely visible.  So whatever variant you settle on, make sure that it will work for you.  After all, you’re not doing this simply to be a die-hard Trekkie; you’re trying to pull off an unusual look and make it cool.


#4.  Cut Your Lines With the Precision of a Phaser

You’ve decided your style; now it’s time to trim in your Klingon beard.  The key here will be to get straight, even lines, particularly if you trim the cheeks low. The chinstrap line up to the corner of the lips can also be crucial.  Shave it a little wider the first time, then narrow it as you get a better feel for the exact trim.

Shaving directly beneath the nose is also crucial for the look, but in some ways might be the easiest to trim.  Just align your razor with the corners of your nose, and shave directly downwards.  The more precise your lines, the sharper the Klingon beard will look.  This is where your trimmer will be worth its weight in gold; it will make keeping those lines straight a lot easier.  Some men also create a third line of facial hair beneath the lower lip, by shaving between the two chinstraps and a center line.  

#5.  Keep it short (or not-so-short)

Now, this one’s a bit of a personal opinion, but I tend to think that the Klingon beard looks

Klingon Beard | Image via letswatchstartrek.com
Klingon Beard | Image via letswatchstartrek.com

best when it is trimmed close to the face.  An inch or so, max, in my opinion.  Keeping the beard short will actually allow you to do more with the shaping and styling, while also giving your beard a bit less of the “alien warrior” look, and a bit more of the “man of the universe” look.

Having said that, the Klingon beard can look good in a longer version, also.  This goes double, if you’re able to try some of the more inventive mustache/beard combos that various Klingons on the TV show wore.  


Again, in general I think that keeping the Klingon beard shorter makes trimming the lines easier, and lessens your chances to mess up.  But if you decide to grow it longer, there are certainly some good options out there.

#6.  Eat (and Fight!) like a Klingon

The Klingons were a warlike race, and some of their food choices were . . . inventive, to say the least.  I doubt you’ll want to down some blood wine anytime soon, and as for the other options – well, it might be best not to try these at home.

Yeah.  Probably not going to be your main courses anytime soon. Klingon cuisine really isn’t ever destined to go mainstream.

However, the Klingons’ diet was a good one for growing beards.  Lots of lean protein, to help boost hair growth and condition.  So for anyone attempting a Klingon beard, human or Klingon, a good diet full of protein, oils and fatty acids is a plus.  They help nourish your beard, to keep it long and avoid it drying out.  So, while the exact Klingon diet is probably not on your menu, take a page from their book and eat (somewhat) like the Klingons.

The Klingons were also warriors.  Now, I’m not recommending violence, but a bit of exercise is also a crucial step to growing a killer Klingon beard.  Exercise boosts testosterone, which also boost hair growth and prevents hair loss.  So grab your bat’leth and get moving!

#7.  Wear your Klingon beard like it belongs!

Any beard style can only be pulled off if you’ve got the confidence.  A Klingon never lacked for confidence; if you’re going to wear a Klingon beard, you need to have the same swagger.  Whatever variant or style of Klingon beard you choose, wear it confidently.  And as always, remember the words of Worf himself.


I hope you enjoyed these 7 Killer Tips for Growing a Klingon Beard.  Personally, I’ve always loved the Star Trek series (all of them, honestly), so I enjoyed writing these tips.  I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to pull off a Klingon beard myself, but if you decide to go for it, let us know how these tips helped!  Leave a comment below, and in the meantime, Qapla’!

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