Percy Nobleman Face and Stubble Moisturizer Review


Why on earth do you need to have a face moisturizer? What can you possibly gain from adding another step to your morning routine?

We’ve cleaned our face using either a face wash or a simple washcloth with soap. Now what? Can’t we get on with our day? In a short answer, yes you can, but there is a lot of benefit to adding one more step to your morning routine.

Soap has been known to leave your skin feeling dry and that can cause irritation when you have a beard. And dry skin leads to beard itch, and that sucks. You can try your woman’s moisturizer but be warned…it may leave a nasty film on your facial hair. Other moisturizers that claim they can be used on facial hair have also fallen short and the harsh chemicals can actually end up damaging your hairs.

So, what’s a guy to do?

Enter Percy Nobleman.

From the gentlemen across the pond comes another beard lovers product, and one that leaves your skin feeling fresh.

percy nobleman face and stubble moisturizer review


You can purchase Percy Nobleman’s Face and Stubble Moisturizer from At the time of this review the price is $22.99 and has a 5-star rating with 36 reviews. You can check out their website but the prices listed there are in British Pounds, so unless you want to pay an extremely high exchange rate from US Dollars to British pounds I suggest you buy the product from Amazon.

Packaging / Unboxing

Like all Amazon products, this one came in an oversized brown box. The product packaging shows that the company really values the look of their product.  It came in a nice product box that simply shows the company logo and basic information about the product.

The squeeze tube is perfectly sized to fit in one hand. And as always they have a nice cartoon about their products and beards that come in every box.



We’ve written before on the harsh effects that chemicals can have on your beard and beard growth so it’s always on our mind to check out new products before we use them.

Percy Nobleman has a nice blend of light natural oils and vitamins that add to your beard rather than strip away the protective layer. There are several seed oils and root extracts that help promote a healthy environment for both your beard and your underlying skin.


Their suggested use is to apply a pea sized amount to the palm of your hand and massage evenly into the skin and facial hair. They recommend using it in the morning to start your day off with an invigorating fresh feeling.

I followed their directions for about a week at different times in my morning routine and found that the best application is on a dry face.  While it will work on a wet face, the optimal freshness feeling comes from using the product on a dry face and beard.

Their website states that the moisturizer is designed to moisturize and soften your skin and facial hair and I’m not sure I can see a difference specifically when using this product, but I use beard oil on a regular basis.  However, it didn’t harm my beard.

I did feel that my skin felt better, which is good since I live in a very dry climate in the southwest. The peppermint and cucumber smell is minimal and refreshing, which is good since it’s so close to your nose. My girlfriend likes the smell so that’s a plus.

Around the office

I’ve done it before with other beard products and I did it again with this one. I brought it into my office and asked my bearded coworkers to give it a shot and provide feedback.

The response was overwhelmingly positive

"The smell is very refreshing and it leaves my face ready to tackle the day" - Aaron
"I like that it didn't leave a greasy film in my beard like other moisturizers have"
        - Mason
"Pepperment helps you focus. You should use that more often" - Mary

Well, thanks for the feedback Mary.


The minds at Percy Nobleman certainly know what they are doing when it comes to beards and beard products. We won’t hesitate to buy the Face and Stubble Moisturizer again and I may have turned a few other of my co-workers onto it too.

This product should even be good for those poor souls that don’t have a beard. It may help them feel a little more manly and may even make them desire to grow their beards.

We were given Percy Nobleman's Face and Stubble Moisturizer at a discount 
to provide this review. Our review is solely based on our real life 
opinion and in no way altered because of the discounted price.
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