Percy Nobleman Face and Stubble Wash Review


An honest review of Percy Nobleman’s Face and Stubble Wash

What is it and why should you use it?


A clean face is a great start to all good things in life. If your beard is grimy or grity then your skin beneath your beard is dirty. A dirty face increases beard itch, a nasty, irritating condition that is almost completely avoidable. Also, if your beard has a boat load of unneeded oils it can’t breathe properly and then it won’t grow.

I was given the chance to test out the Percy Nobleman Face and Stubble Wash to see if they could handle the task of being beard friendly as well as keeping my face feeling clean, fresh and ready to tackle the day.

The wash is made up of natural cleansers and boasts a scent of peppermint and cucumber. It’s specifically designed for faces from “light to heavy stubble” and looks to have been scientifically formulated for beard hairs. Unlike other shampoos or cleansers that use harsh chemicals that strip away the needed moisture from the beard, this face wash states that it will “help prevent the loss of moisture in your facial hair”.


You can order Percy Nobleman Face and Stubble Wash from for a price of $18.99. Pricing may vary. At the time of writing this article they have 30 reviews and a 5 star rating. Some of the reviews were from other people who got the product at a discounted rate in order to provide a review.

As a side note, the emails you get from the company have a nice comic that explains what you should expect when trying to grow your beard. And each additional email they send has a similar comic that explains something about what they are trying to say in the email.  Nice touch guys!

Here is the one they sent in the first email I got from them.

percy nobleman face and stubble wash review

Packaging / Unboxing

As with ordering anything from Amazon it came in a non-descript shipping box. The product itself had a nice black designer box with the Percy Nobleman logo and basic details about the wash. They really put some thought into the presentation of their product.

percy nobleman face and stubble wash review


Following the directions provided on the product I used it for a week to see what the results were. It’s very easy to add to your morning routine. Use in the shower or whenever you feel the need to wash your face.  The clear liquid soap has a nice fresh scent and suds quickly to give you that instant clean feeling.

I chose to use the product in the shower. It felt good there but the real bang for the buck was once I got out. The fresh, tingly feeling that the peppermint in the wash left on my face was invigorating and really set me up for the day.

After a week I don’t feel like my beard has been dried out any like other washes. Which is a definite plus. I have a slightly longer beard than what you would call “heavy stubble” but this wash felt good on my face and looks like it helped keep my beard clean. It also may have helped with the increased softness of my beard, but to be honest, I’ve been using several different products that all claim to make it softer.


This is a product I can see myself adding to my shower on a consistent basis. I will need to use it for a little while longer to really determine if the wash is everything they claim it to be. So far I have no complaints.

If you want to experience a fresh, clean feeling that doesn’t leave your stubble or beard hairs all dried out then check out Percy Nobleman and their Face and Stubble Wash.

We were given Percy Nobleman's Face and Stubble Wash at a discount 
to provide this review. Our review is solely based on our real life 
opinion and in no way altered because of the discounted price.
Ease of Use
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