Philips Norelco Beard and Stubble Trimmer Review


If you feel my pain with the overpopulated trimmer market, let me illuminate a pretty sweet deal I found in the Philips Norelco Beard and Stubble Trimmer, model QT4014 (also called the 3500) For every different beard, there seems to be a different beard trimmer option. So many trimmers, so little interest in sorting through to find one that would freaking just trim my beard the way I want. If you feel my pain or your own frustration with the overpopulated

Phillips Norelco Beard and Stubble Trimmer | Image via Phillips Norelco
Phillips Norelco Beard and Stubble Trimmer | Image via Phillips Norelco

trimmer market, you have probably also felt that inward groaning when browsing the store or the internet for a new trimmer. 

Shopping for a new trimmer can be as complicated as spending hours online researching or as simple as stopping by the local drugstore to grab whatever is cheapest. Yet it always seems like no matter how I go about shopping for it, I’m always complaining about the lack of features I like in my trimmer. I wrote this review to try to help you out. 

Is it really that special?

To be frank, this particular trimmer didn’t stand out to me at first glance. Standard black and silver coloring, blades up top, sliding on/off switch with blinking green indicator light down below, dial gauge to adjust trimming length; I saw nothing extraordinary. The finer details of this machine and its design pleasantly surprised me. But I was, and if you’re looking for a trimmer with carefully designed features able to do the work of shaping your lovely face fur, I may have just taken the brunt out of the search for you.  

Sure, but what’s so different about this one?

What surprised me first was the dial gauge. Many beard trimmers adjust their gauges in 1-mm increments, but an entire millimeter can make a huge difference of length in beard trimming, depending on your preferences. The QT4014 metes out its measurements in .5-mm increments, from the minimum measure of .5 mm to the maximum of 10 mm. Personally, I find that much more workable, much more precise for shaving.

After that pleasant discovery, I looked more closely at the blades to see whether or not these would irritate my sensitive skin. Wonder of wonders, the rounded-tip blades of the QT4014 to prevent irritation. No scritch-scratching against my face, no red marks like tiny cat claw trails, no burn after trimming. Me likey. You might, too, if you decide to give it a try. The blades are a durable, corrosion-resistant combination of titanium-coated carbon steel. The manufacturer also claims that the blades and self-sharpening mechanism will not require oiling. Some users have deemed it best to oil them anyway, just to be on the safe side. 

The battery in this baby is also pretty nifty, I found. Though not quite an ion model, the Ni-Mh battery inside the QT4014 does a bang up job of powering the trimmer. I mentioned the standard blinking green light earlier, and here I’ll mention that it does more than just on/off indications; it also turns orange when it’s time to plug it in. With a corded charger, the QT4014 fills its battery in just an hour of charging time. You can leave the charger in while trimming, which is not as common a feature on beard trimmers as I used to think. It’s great for versatility between at home and on-the-go trimming.

The company states, and many users repeat this claim, that the charge lasts for between 50 and 90 minutes of trimming time. So between the charge and the option of using the device while it is plugged in for charging, you’ll really never be without a trimmer. The battery also has been designed to adapt well to worldwide voltage differences with capacities for 110v and 240v.

As a bonus, Philips Norelco offers a 2-year worldwide warranty on this trimmer. The reason this is noteworthy is because most companies just give a standard warranty that allows you to mail off a defective or damaged product to the factory for repairing or replacing with the United States. A worldwide warranty will allow you to ship it from anywhere in the world to have it restored to you good as new. Say you take the trimmer from home in the U.S. to vacation in Italy and the blade mysteriously goes missing; you can send it off from Italy and either get it shipped back to your vacation home or to your home sweet home for later retrieval. Bonus upon bonus.

Compare and contrast

Here we come to the pros and cons of the Philips Norelco beard and stubble trimmer. The QT4014 model we’ve been discussing is pretty fantastic, but there are some features that were not included in the make of this model. Waterproofing, for instance. This model does not have it at all. The removable plastic comb at the end can (and really should) be rinsed under water after use, but don’t replace it again until it’s dry.

Another con I must add to the list here is that the QT4014 is not a one-for-all trimming tool. Manscaping isn’t gonna be an easy feat if you use this trimmer. It’s advised against by some other users, actually. But for a reliable, precise, and easy to handle trimming tool, the QT4014 is tops for usability and pricing

How do I use it?

All right, all right; I know it’s not rocket science to pick up a trimmer and shape your beard. But every trimmer is a little different, and it’s nice to see how to best handle each one. I actually found a breathtakingly lengthy video demonstration I thought I’d share with you in this article. This guy has got some real classical music in the background…nerdy as anything, I grant you, but not quite…terrible. Beats awkward silence, for sure. 

Cleaning the QT4014 is easy. I briefly described it earlier, so here I’ll just reiterate. Cleaning your trimmer really is as simple as rinsing the comb, brushing hair out the blades, and then removing and cleaning the blades. Not too fussy. It’s a beautiful thing.

What do other users have to say about it?

As I searched the interwebs for videos about this trimmer, I also stumbled upon a couple of other reviews.  Seems as though it holds up pretty well, and this guy was mighty pleased with its performance.

This guy just had oodles of nice things to say about this trimmer. The only negative things he said hardly qualified as a con for the list. Sometimes a change is good just because. You can always keep the old one as a backup/travel option.

Carpe trim ‘em!

Seize the trimmer, sir, be it this little beaut from Philips Norelco or another of your choosing. Make sure you know your specs before you make your purchase. Simple as shaving is, it’s paramount to do the job well with quality tools and full attention on the job.

Did you find this review helpful in your searching for that perfect trimmer? Or did I just jaw and jabber and waste your time? Ask us any questions you might have in the comment box below. 

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