Should You Shave Your Head and Grow a Goatee?


Beards are a bother. Come to think of it, hair can be a real pain. You have to shave it, or trim it, or style it, or comb it . . . hair requires upkeep. Now, you’re a busy man. You have lots of things to do and not a ton of time. You certainly don’t have extra time to spend fiddling with a lengthy hairstyle, and a long beard may seem like a bother.  

To add to the dilemma, not everyone can grow hair very well, either on their head or their face.  Receding hairlines are real, and they can make finding a good haircut nearly impossible. You either display to all the world that your hair is leaving you, or you wind up trying to disguise it with a combover, toupee, or something along those (generally horrible) lines. Fortunately, there are some other options. One of those options is the possibility of shaving your head completely.  Maybe your hair is slowly leaving you. Well, you might be able to leave it first! Just shave your head and embrace the baldness; own it and make it yours. Then put all your effort into growing a goatee. That’s what I did, and I don’t really have any intention of changing back any time soon. Here are some ideas to consider before you make the big decisions to shave your head and grow a goatee.

Make Sure Your Head Works as a Baldie

Not everyone is cut out to rock a bald head. A good friend of mine shaved his head shortly after I did. His bald phase lasted two weeks, while I’ve been going on six years. Why? Well, to be honest, he looked better with hair. It was just that simple. So even if you do take the plunge, don’t be afraid to grow it out again if you don’t like the look– it’s not for everyone.  

Be Prepared for a Learning Curve

If you’ve never shaved your head before, the chances are good that you’ll encounter more than your normal number of nicks and scratches. You may think, “Well, I never cut myself when I shave my face, so I’ll be fine.” That may be true, but you’ve probably been shaving your facial hair for years. Your skin has had time to toughen up a bit, and you know all the lines and corners in your face that are easy to cut. If you’ve never shaved your head before, that skin will be pretty easily nicked. Don’t worry, though–after a few days of shaving, it’ll toughen up. You can help yourself out by looking into specialized razors for your head. The classic is this one, the HeadBlade. Also, feel free to consult the tutorials available on YouTube, like this one.

Get Some Feedback

You are your own boss–never forget that. But it is a good idea to check out what people think of your newly-shined pate. Some may hate it, and others will love it; but if you ask enough people, you’ll be able to get an idea of how well it’s working for you.  

Consider the Facial Hair Style to Match

You’ve got the bald head. Now, it might be a good idea to add some facial hair. But like any hairstyle choice, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. Do you try to add a full beard?  An elaborate mustache? One of the more popular facial hair choices for baldies these days is the goatee. It’s comparatively simple, not overly ornate, and easy on the upkeep side of things.  For some examples, consider the following.  Here’s Patrick Stewart, sans goatee:

Captain Picard, no goatee | Image via Memory Alpha
Captain Picard, no goatee | Image via Memory Alpha

And here’s the same Captain Picard, only sporting a goatee:

Captain Picard with a goatee | Image via Pinterest
Captain Picard with a goatee | Image via Pinterest

Now, this is a man who doesn’t need any help to look great–but the goatee adds an extra level to his bald head.

Groom Your Goatee Carefully

There are a number of tutorials out there on how to grow a goatee (like this one), so we won’t cover all the details here. Just remember that a goatee can be a great facial hair style or a horrible one–the difference is nearly always in the grooming. The advantage a goatee has over a full beard is its incredible variety. A goatee can be short, long, ornate, or simple, and all of those looks can work with a bald head. You just have to be careful to choose one that fits your skin, face shape, etc.

Walter White with a goatee | Image via Reddit
Walter White with a goatee | Image via Reddit

Take Care of Your Head

You may have shaved your head to save yourself the trouble of hair care, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have ANY work to do. A bald head does require some maintenance, and the better you take care of it, the better you’ll look. The single biggest thing you can do is to shave regularly. I have to shave about every other day to keep that nice clean look. In addition, use a good lotion or aftershave. This will help keep your scalp from drying out and looking nasty.  I personally recommend Crabtree & Evelyn After Shave, like this one.


Going bald and growing out the goatee can be a big decision, but hopefully, we’ve answered some of the questions that you might have about it. Remember to get feedback about your new look–not everyone can rock a bald head, and that’s fine. Consider the different styles of goatee out there, and always remember to take care of your scalp and groom your goatee cleanly.  

As a bearded baldie myself, I highly recommend it. It’s relatively low-maintenance, and I love the fact that it hides my receding hairline. As a bonus, it gives my face a younger look, which I’m not about to complain over. Now, go forth and grow!  Shave your head, and don’t worry about your hairline anymore.

Let us know what you think of the article in the comments below, and be sure to add any hints, tips, or general information that you think might be helpful.