Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker?


Does shaving make your beard thicker? Nope. But here’s why you shouldn’t give up hope.

Shaving Your Beard

Like a lot of other teenagers, I thought shaving would make my beard thicker. I can’t say where I got this bit of “wisdom”, but I would bet it was from an advertisement for razors or something like that.

I didn’t know that, though. so in desperation, I’d shave two or three times a day. Thinking back, I’m sure my parents wondered why I was spending so much time in the bathroom. Ha! If they only knew I was just shaving. They’d be so relieved.

 How the rumor got started

Shaving Your Beard2
There is no truth to the old teen tale that the more you shave, the thicker your beard will grow. But there is a somewhat shaky connection between fantasy and reality buried in there somewhere. Let me explain.

A teenage boy starts getting some beard growth between the ages of 14 and 17. It’s not much, and usually first appears on the top lip and chin. Over the next 10 to 15 years, the beard steadily grows heavier and fuller. By the time the guy is about 35, he will finally be sporting the beard he takes with him through the rest of his life.

Here’s my theory: a kid may start out with a skimpy beard, but with time, that beard will evolve to its final form. So, whether he shaves three times a day or not at all, his beard will keep getting thicker. A guileless kid shaves and shaves, and lo and behold, in grows a thicker beard.

The five real ways to grow a thicker beard

1. Be patient

Shaving Your Beard

Let your beard grow for at least four weeks without touching it. This is the easiest thing in the world to do. Why? Because you don’t need to do a damn thing. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Simply let your beard grow. Don’t shave. Don’t trim. In fact, don’t do anything.

Basically, to get the best possible results you should be in a coma for four weeks. Most guys sabotage their own beards, like when the two or three week beard itch is at its peak. People don’t realize it’s itchy because the skin is not moisturized and the hair is not getting the oils it needs to stay soft. The dry, coarse hair and parched skin lead to itching.

Instead of getting a good, inexpensive beard oil, they just shave the whole thing off.

If the itching doesn’t get to them, patchy, imperfect growth is both normal and hard to live with. It can take four to six weeks before most beards will start to fill in, but stick it out. If you trim it too early, especially if you’re new to the world of beards, you’ll likely mess it up.

Once a young beard is messed up by improper trimming, it becomes a discouraging thing to keep wearing. Meaning you’ll be very tempted to shave it off. Just leave the thing alone for the first four weeks. Please.

2. Eat well

Shaving Your Beard
Getting enough of the right kind of nourishment is essential in growing a thicker beard. Hair consists mostly of protein, so your beard will benefit from a protein-rich diet of beef, fish, chicken and pork. You should also eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. These will provide the vitamins your blood needs to build strong, healthy hair.

Try to increase your consumption of healthy saturated fats, as well. These come from eggs, fish, nuts, whole butter and cheese. These fats will increase your production of testosterone, which is important for healthy, thick beards.

High-sugar and high-carbohydrate foods tend to make your hair weak and brittle, so steer clear.

3. Take a vitamin supplement

Shaving Your Beard5

Vitamin supplements are a great way to get the essential vitamins you may miss with a less than perfect diet. One of the best supplements for beard growth is biotin. This is a dietary supplement you can find in health food stores or online. Beard experts and dermatologists recommend getting a daily dose of biotin for good beard health. Other supplements important for beard growth include B1, B6 and B12. And don’t forget to take plenty of beta-carotene, nettle oil and flaxseed oil.

You can also check out multivitamins specifically to enhance beard growth. One I particularly like is Beard Grow XL. I like these products because they do the work for me – I don’t have to take a handful of pills at different doses or times.

4. Get plenty of exercise

Shaving Your Beard
Regular, daily exercise will do wonders for helping your body build a thick, healthy beard. Why? Because exercise helps your body increase testosterone production and improves circulation.

Testosterone is important for a healthy beard, and good blood circulation carries nutrients and vitamins to your hair. For best results combine weight and cardio exercises in your daily workout.

5. Get lots of rest

Shaving Your Beard
Sleep and relaxation are critical to building a thicker beard. Sleep allows your cells to regenerate and repair, which is essential for beard growth. You should shoot for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Rest includes minimizing your stress levels. Too much stress over extended periods has been proven to cause hair loss, including the loss of beard hair. One way to reduce stress that has worked for me is meditation. You might want to give it a try and see if it helps you relax.

I hope I didn’t burst your bubble if you thought that shaving makes your beard grow thicker. Remember, sometimes the truth will set you free. Or, in this case, on a course that will genuinely help you build a thicker beard.

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