Why Do Women Love Beards?


Why do women love beards

I know for a fact that women love beards. How? I have a confession to make. I grew my first beard because my then-girlfriend said she dug guys with beards. This was years ago before the latest beard trend had started, so it was a bold step for me.

Am I glad I took that step? You bet. Not only did my then-girlfriend love it, so did a couple of hot women in my office. You notice how I keep saying, “my then-girlfriend”? You guessed it.

That new beard opened a lot of, um…“doors” for me regarding women. Yes, indeed. Soon my then-girlfriend became my ex-girlfriend. I was just meeting too many other women. What can I say? Doesn’t make me a bad person.

My experience aside, I have anecdotal evidence from other beardsmen whom I’ve talked to about their own “babe-magnets.” It turns out they had similar experiences when they grew their beards. It seems like some women just can’t get enough of guys rocking a beard.

It’s All About the Science

Why Do Women Love Beards
Okay, my opinion might be somewhat biased. After all, it is only an opinion. And maybe my bearded friends had out-of-the-ordinary experiences, too. But I don’t think so. In fact, I’m certain our experiences were pretty average. Why am I so sure? It’s all about the science, my friend.

First of all, it’s a well-known fact that lots of women want the bad boys. Or, maybe I should say, men who are a bit unconventional. And men who are clean-shaven are so very damned conventional, are they not? The unconventional guys arouse a woman’s curiosity. Pique their interest, so to speak.

Women admit feeling drawn to men who have the balls to buck convention. And, let’s face it, nothing says “I’m unconventional” like a dude sporting a big-ass beard. The bigger the beard, the more unique the man.

Women totally dig a dude with the élan, independence, and cojones to rock that big mug rug. Women see him as masculine, powerful, dominant and exciting. All traits, as it turns out, that make women wet.

You don’t have to take my word for it. There is hard scientific evidence that women dig men wearing beards. For instance, a recent Australian study about women’s perceptions of bearded men uncovered some fascinating findings.

It turns out the vast majority of women in the study found bearded men more attractive than non-bearded men. Not only more handsome, but also more masculine, confident, virile and dominant. They even decided they’d make better fathers and protectors of their children.

Beards Give Men a Sexual Mojo that Women Dig

Why do women love beards

You can see where this is true if you think about it for a minute. Women usually work with, date and associate with guys who shave every day. So, let’s say she’s in a meeting room full of these clean-shaven guys. Suddenly a door opens and in walks a dude wearing a big, gnarly beard. What happens?

The conversation dies down as everyone’s attention focuses on this guy. Not only the woman, but also all the men. The beard gives the man an aura of authority that compels people to check him out.

Why? The beard itself, independent of the wearer, communicates something primal and sexual. It conveys something menacing, primitive and sensual all at the same time. That, my friend, is the mojo power of a big-ass beard.

And women totally dig that mojo, which gets more potent as the beard gets bigger. What does it all mean? Glad you asked. If you want women to see you as sexy, powerful, virile and dominant, grow a badass beard.

Bottom Line: Women See Bearded Men as More Dominant – And the More Dominant Men Get the Women.

It’s true. As we’ve seen, some studies suggest that both women and men see men with beards as stronger, more aggressive, and more dominant than clean-shaven guys.

More focused studies even show that dominant men get more mating opportunities by intimidating other males to step aside. This is a phenomenon that holds true both now and throughout recorded history.

Dominating other men can be a huge shortcut to mating opportunities. In fact, genetic testing shows that 8% of the entire current male populations of Asia – millions of men – are descendants of Genghis Khan. I guess it’s clear what he was doing when he wasn’t terrorizing his enemies.

Why do women love beards? As we’ve seen, some independent studies have concluded that bearded men have more success with the ladies than their clean-shaven rivals. No, it doesn’t happen every time a bearded dude hits on a woman or competes against a beardless guy for a chick. But it happens with enough frequency to be statistically relevant.

Why it happens may be a little more convoluted and harder to prove, but the evidence is clear, in study after study, that it does happen. Bearded guys get the women. Period.

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