A Half-Time Yeard Update


So far my husband is just over 6 months into his yeard, a Year long growth of his beard.

While technically a yeard doesn’t have any razors or scissors that even get close to the beard I did set some guidelines for him and they are as follows:

  1. Don’t grow a neck beard.  These are disgusting and completely unnecessary to having an epic beard.
  2. Trim a little around the mouth.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to get a mouth full of hair when they are kissing on you.  So do me a favor and trim around the mouth so I will still get in close for the kiss.

For my part, the yeard isn’t all that much work.  I sit back and watch him grow it. From his perspective however, it’s more work than he originally thought.  Here are a few things he has learned so far:

  1. A Ducktail-esque trim (trimming the sideburns a little) makes a huge difference between looking groomed and looking like a hobo.
  2. Beard brush bristle strength makes a difference as your beard gets longer.  The stronger the bristle strength the better it is as your beard grows. This changed however as he was growing his beard out.  At first, a softer bristle was necessary as there wasn’t much beard to protect his skin from a harsh bristle.
  3. There is more grooming than you would expect to a longer beard (if you want to look like you care about your appearance).  The daily routine of making sure the mustache hairs were not in his mouth as well as brushing (and combing as necessary) made for more grooming than he was originally expecting.
  4. Beard oil is very necessary.  It helps to keep the beard smelling nice while also helping to keep some of those wild hairs at bay.
  5. Shampoo dries out the beard.  Only using conditioner has significantly increased the softness of his beard
  6. Growing a beard through the summer does not equate to a hot sweaty mess on his face. Instead, he feels the beard has saved him from additional sun burn on his face.

All in all his progress is rather impressive.  He is taking a biotin supplement and for him it really seems to help with keeping his beard healthy and growing. He also has a fairly decent morning routine.

  1. Shower. He does not use shampoo on his beard, only conditioner as stated above.
  2. Add beard oil to his damp beard.
  3. He combs his beard while wet and uses a beard brush when dry.
  4. Repeat step 3 as needed throughout the day.
  5. He takes a Biotin capsule with his morning vitamins at breakfast.

Here is his before (no beard) and his current (about 7 months of growth). In my opinion, he has turned into a manly man and looks much more rugged.  That is all that this girl needs from her rugged rebel.





Yeah, I’ll take the beard all day long.

As always I’d love to hear from you. Have you tried growing a yeard? What were your lessons learned from such an undertaking? Leave me a comment.

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Ms. Thompson is a beard aficionado and lover of all things beard. She is married to a bearded man who is currently working on his yeard; and can't wait to provide her opinions on the process. Her and her husband live on their farm with two rambunctious boys and their dog who hasn't figured out how to leave the livestock alone.